7 Simple Tips For Landscaping
7 Simple Tips For Landscaping Jul 28

7 Simple Tips For Landscaping

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As your focal point, consider installing statues, birdbaths or water fountains - with their colors being carefully considered so they stand out while not overshadowing the surrounding landscape.
3. Create a focal point

Focusing your landscaping with an interesting focal point can add intrigue. This could include adding water features, trees or plants that stand out from the rest of the garden as a focal point. Patterned pathways and walls such as brick herringbone can also help create rhythm and flow, unifying hardscaping. Softening their look further through curves or rounded edges also works wonders!

Though your yard might not feature flowers, foliage is an effective way to add variety in the landscape and create stunning gardens. Varying form, texture and color is key when cultivating stunning gardens.
4. Think about the drainage in your yard

With our wet climate in the Pacific Northwest, drainage is of critical importance in any yard. All that water needs somewhere to go; otherwise it will pool and create flooding problems. If your soil doesn't slope correctly it may cause pooling instead.

Start by using a line level or builder's level to assess the slope of your soil. Keep an eye out for low spots that retain rainwater after rainstorms have passed, and remove any objects or plants which might obstruct run-off from running off freely.

If wet spots are an issue in your yard, consider adding a swale or creek bed as part of your landscaping to improve drainage. Mulching is another solution to keep moisture locked into the soil and add beauty at once.
5. Include curves and rounded edges

Lines play an integral role in landscaping; they can add structure and formality while simultaneously creating relaxation or natural ambience. Curved borders on flower beds or paths often look much more elegant and welcoming than straight ones.https://www.landscapingadelaide.net.au/

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