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en selecting a company, take into account their team's experience and expertise as well as any security technology or measures used to protect customers.
Off-duty police officers

If you're in search of security services, be aware that not all police officers work 9-5. Instead, many moonlight by offering personal security guard services - something known as off-duty policing which has become an ever-growing business.

Officers provide security services at events or businesses wearing plainclothes or their uniforms, trained in various modalities to guard individuals and property against threats. Security officers may be armed or unarmed depending on your requirements.

State of New York laws govern the training and certification of private security guards. To become licensed security guard, one must complete all required courses, with verification provided by an approved Security Guard Training School. You can receive your renewal form by emailing this division - your email should include your name, address, license type and unique identification number.
Unarmed guards

Business owners have many choices when it comes to security for their facilities and workers, from hiring armed or unarmed guards depending on your facility's location, armed guards can offer additional protection that could come in handy if there are high crime rates nearby. If your facility is located in an area where crime rates are particularly high armed guards could provide more peace of mind.

If your facility doesn't present a significant security threat and you just want to ensure people feel secure, unarmed guards are an ideal way to do just that. These security professionals have been specially trained to patrol and monitor a property while also helping in case of medical emergencies.

Unarmed security guards are more cost-effective and require less training and liability insurance coverage than their armed counterparts, with unarmed guards often serving escorting individuals to their cars after dark, providing directions, or restricting unauthorized access to restricted areas.
Executive protection

Executive protection services are a highly specialized area within the security industry. Their goal is to safeguard individuals from physical harm or reputational damage; whether these protection services take an overt or covert approach can vary widely and operatives may hold various job titles such as executive protection specialist, close protection operative or bodyguard.

These individuals may be targets of robbery, assault and other threats due to their wealth and power; examples could include celebrities, foreign dignitaries or CEOs of major corporations. Blackmailing attempts may also occur due to this.

Executive protection professionals differ greatly from their movie-actor counterparts in that they possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills that enable them to effectively serve their clients. Furthermore, these experts possess outstanding skills at assessing a situation and identifying risks and mitigation strategies available; furthermore they excel at blending into situations without drawing unnecessary attention from those around them, often appearing more as members of an office staff than full-fledged bodyguards.
Celebrity protection

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