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Art Forms of Painting

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Painting is an artistic medium used to express creative visions through paint or other mediums. Painting has long been part of culture and some of the world's greatest artists have used this medium in their artwork.

Painting encompasses the visual language of shapes, lines, colors, tones and textures in order to produce sensations of movement, volume, space light or abstraction on two-dimensional surfaces. Painting may be used to represent natural scenes or objects as well as interpret narrative themes or create wholly abstract visual relationships.

Early cultural traditions--ranging from tribes, religions, guilds and royal courts--largely dictated the craft, form, imagery and subject matter of painting; often employing skilled artisans rather than artists as skilled artisans. But this began to change significantly in Renaissance Europe where well-known painters gained the social status of scholars with greater control over both design and content of their works.

Drawing is a visual medium used to express movement, volume, light and texture on flat surfaces. Drawing employs various techniques like line drawing, shaper drawing, tonal variations and textures which combine to produce multiple effects.

Traditionally, drawing has been seen as an artform focused around observation as the basis of representational compositions. But drawings can also be symbolic or expressive and communicate abstract concepts or serve as preparatory sketches for paintings and other artworks.

Many contemporary artists are breaking with traditional expectations of painting by incorporating three-dimensional elements and non-flat surfaces into their pieces, yet drawing still remains a valuable art form in its own right. Drawing can be done either dry media (graphite, charcoal, pastels, Conte or silverpoint), or with wet mediums like water colors and markers.

Sculpture involves manipulating materials into art. This art form can serve various functions, from depicting human beauty and commemorating historical figures or events to telling a tale or conveying a message or simply existing as aesthetic pieces of work.

Prior to the 20th century, sculpture was

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