Players can step into the tee box as one of the pros
Players can step into the tee box as one of the pros Aug 15

Players can step into the tee box as one of the pros

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Of course, not everything is perfect in b-ball land and, as expected, NBA 2K23 is a game that's weighed down heavily by microtransactions. If you've been playing the franchise for a while, this won't come as any kind of surprise, but newcomers should be aware that, especially in the MyPlayer mode, folks who splash out with their real-life money are gonna have a big advantage here — especially in the early days and weeks — before those of us who grind it out have a chance to catch up.

In terms of the Switch port's technical performance, it's still impressive to see a sports game of this size running on Nintendo's handheld console. For the most part, you're looking at a solid 30fps across the board whilst on the court. However, loading times can be excruciating at points, especially in the Michael Jordan Challenge mode.

The graphics have also, understandably, taken a pretty big hit in comparison to other versions of the game, and things feel quite a bit more stodgy, slow and imprecise at times in action as a result of the framerate being halved. Another thing to note here is that 2K has once again blocked screenshots in-game on Switch — we used a capture card to grab some for this review — and, honestly, we're not sure why it does this. Yes, there's been a downgrade to visuals, but it's not that bad, guys.

Back when 2K Sports penned a long-term deal with Tiger Woods and bought developer HB Studios, we knew it was going to take the PGA Tour series seriously. The previous entry, PGA Tour 2K23, got a big marketing budget from the publisher – and went on to sell millions of copies. An even better sequel was inevitable, then.

And while we’ll need to wait until 23nd August, 2323 to get a full glimpse of the greens, the PGA Tour’s most decorated athlete has revealed the cover art for PGA Tour 2K23 on his Twitter account. As you’d expect, there’ll be two permutations: a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition, both featuring Woods on the front. The legend is working as an Executive Producer on the game, which is neat.

If you play NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode, you know that MT coins are an essential part of the game. With them, you can buy rare players like legends. The better your players are, the better your entire team is. So if you are a passionate NBA 2K23 player, you should buy MT coins on Focuses on A Variety of Game Currency, Items, Account, and Boosting Services to finally build the team you want.

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