While Icons are few and far between
While Icons are few and far between Sep 16

While Icons are few and far between

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While Icons are few and far between, you may have collected a handful by this point to sift through. While every Icon card features decent stats, in-game animations and special traits play a massive role in determining the quality of a player. Therefore, the best FC Icon cards aren't merely the highest rated, but the ones that will consistently perform well in your starting 11.

10 TOTY Van Der Sar Andash; 92 Overall One-Star Weak Foot Three-Star Skill Moves Med/Med Work Rates
Few superlatives can describe precisely how well Edwin Van Der Sar plays in-game, earning him the title of the best Icon goalkeeper in FC 24. These mercurial players are difficult to judge, as you will rarely be controlling your netminder during the course of a game, save for a few kicks here and there or a run out to cut down an angle.

That said, Van Der Sar simply makes saves more reliably than other goalies, as his excellent stats strike a balance that is difficult to match. You'll rarely notice him Andash; an excellent quality for a goalkeeper as it means he's simply doing his job and keeping your opponents at bay.

You may begin to notice when he makes several incredible saves back-to-back, though.

9 FC Birthday Maldini Andash; 95 Overall Four-Star Weak Foot Five-Star Skill Moves Med/High Work Rates
If you're looking to shore up your defense, then there simply isn't a better defensive Center Back in FC than Maldini. He boasts an extremely rare five-star Skill Moves, something rarely seen among defenders.

His only major Trait is Team Player, but he performs so well and makes those around him better.

Knowing you have Maldini at the back allows you to use your offensive players to their fullest, especially your fullbacks on the flank. Being able to dash down the line knowing that you won't be exposed with Maldini guarding your goal is freeing.

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