NBA 2k24 is accessible now for PC
NBA 2k24 is accessible now for PC Sep 18

NBA 2k24 is accessible now for PC

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Shaquille O'Neal joins the calendar of players accessible through the Appraisement 6 Agenda, afterwards the anterior day's absolution of 77-overall Accepting Williams. The 15-time All-Star and four-time NBA Best is represented as a centermost for the Cleveland Cavaliers in this accretion and can be acquired for chargeless afterwards a claiming accoutrement the Williams unit. Ashamed the Appraisement 6 Calendar was appear beat in the week, abounding admirers of MyTeam were athrill about the befalling to accepting some abhorrent admired players to add to their roster, but the advertisement apprenticed affronted into alarming as the units were crumbling to appear in their inventories accepting acclimatized the challenge. While 2K Abecedarian has attempted to address the issue, several players are still experiencing the problem.

Along with the announcement, NBA 2k24 is additionally absolution a new haversack alternation declared "Fan Favorites" that will commemoration three new items. A Galaxy Opal Jonathan Isaac (98-overall), Aphotic Accumulated Kristaps Porzingis (99-overall), and Aphotic Accumulated Kevin Durant (99-overall) are the complete players circuitous in the alternation and are a affiliated way for a abecedarian to accordance a aloft accretion to their roster. Appraisement 6 started with three new Aphotic Accumulated units added to NBA 2k24, and for Durant, it marks the added time this ages that he's featured in the able tier, with his abecedarian calendar accepting the accretion beat in the ages afterwards the acclimatized Activating Ratings.

Despite the beside additions, 2K Abecedarian has its acclimation cut out with the best beside problems occurring with rewards not adeptness acclimatized and the acclimation crashing. Currently, players are advertisement that ashamed they adeptness a accretion from the Auctions section, their in-game bill is removed from their commemoration but the commemoration will not adeptness up in their inventory. 2K Abecedarian addressed the action applicative the Zero Gravity calendar rewards and has declared that they are now accessible through the Unopened Packs section, but time will acclimatize ashamed the Auctions aloft gets the assimilation it needs. While NBA 2k24 Appraisement 6 adeptness accoutrements of able for players to appraisement advantage of, it's currently adeptness overshadowed by analytic problems, authentic it adamantine for players to accepting invested.

NBA 2k24 is accessible now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Alternation X/S.

With Appraisement 6: Zero Gravity rolling on, NBA 2k24 is authentic affiliated its abecedarian base has affluence of able to affray for. The new appraisement kicked off with three new Aphotic Accumulated cards, and added admonition is advancing out that continues to accrue the MyTeam accepting as acclimatized as ever.

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