Those are a lot of dominoes that must Mut 24
Those are a lot of dominoes that must Mut 24 Dec 15

Those are a lot of dominoes that must Mut 24

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NBC Sports' Chris Simms reported Chris Simms of NBC Sports Corral as the No. one QB in the 2022 draft, noting his speedy release and athleticism are rare traits, but needing time to master Madden NFL 24 offensive principles. What makes Simms' arguments convincing is that he was just one draft analyst who was dead set on Josh Allen being the best QB in the 2018 draft. They were also preferring him to Mayfield and Darnold. Yes, it's one person's view, but If Simms and the Panthers are correct and Corral is able to develop into a Madden NFL 24 starter then his choice will be the perfect choice.

When you consider all of these aspects, the picture begins to put all of these factors together. Mayfield isn't just helping the Panthers win right now however, he is also the canary in the coal mine of McAdoo's offense. It's a low-cost test to see if there is a way to determine if the West Coast adjacent scheme with RPO components will be compatible with the current roster for skill positions in Carolina. If it doesn't, Baker takes the heat and the team can try again with Corral after making some changes. If that's the case, then there's an acceptable succession plan to switch between Mayfield to Corral and keep everything else the same. This simply could not happen when it comes to Sam Darnold, who really doesn't have anything to say about what the Panthers are trying to do to move forward.

It's not a secret that this was not the best option going forward. The right choice was to not choose a QB for the 2022 Madden NFL 24 Draft, proceed and endure the adversity this season and then jump into the QB pool in 2023 , when there could be 7 or 8 QBs might be selected in the initial round. It wouldn't have helped the goal that was set by coach Matt Rhule or owner David Tepper and David Tepper, which is convincing people that they could put a winning team on the field. The urgency in Carolina is evident far away, and that's really the purpose of this move.

There's still a chance but it's just a fleeting glimmer of hope that this plan could work. That Mayfield will be able to stabilize the ship in 2022 and get Carolina its much-needed instant success, all while proving McAdoo's offensive can be effective and Corral is waiting to step in. Those are a lot of dominoes that must fall in the right direction but there's some possibility. The next thing to watch is if the Panthers will be the ones laughing or if they will continue to be the subject of jokes.
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