Lasers are the following region’s biggest danger
Lasers are the following region’s biggest danger Dec 18

Lasers are the following region’s biggest danger

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Objective — Continue to Explore the Ancient Complex
Lasers are the following region’s biggest danger, even though there aren’t a lot of them yet. Touching one approach immediate demise, so crawl underneath them, snatch the deliver chest close to the respawn checkpoint, and keep on.

The next area has transferring lasers. Always defeat nearby enemies so that they can’t interrupt your motion, then time your dashes to make it via the corridor into the Forbidden Passage.

Objective — Navigate via the Forbidden Passage. Gain Arcane Protection to Pass thru the Barriers
The Forbidden Passage is largely a giant laser maze with one clean secure direction leading to the right. There’s a New World iron vein shortly after you begin, which is your sign this is the proper path. You’ll hit a laser lifeless quit, but there’s a ledge above you. Climb up it, and observe the direction till you reach an area in which you could leap to another ledge. Turn right, move slowly underneath the lasers, and retain making your manner via the maze until you attain a wood walkway.

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