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Have an enjoyable time

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And yeah, have an enjoyable time. We're going to take care of some housekeeping here. Set it starting with the windows. In order optimize this a bit. We'll make an entirely new window. We're called this one immersion mode. And what we're going to do is to use this mode, so we're going to set it up to only broadcast certain items I don't want to broadcast. I'll keep it in place. And I'll unlock it then shrink it.

And I'm going to go in the settings section here and we're going to disable everything. This will be the end of this one. Global channels are off. We're going to turn it on for experience skills, item Lutz, money, loot system messages and errors. I think that should be excellent. Let's keep that for now. It's possible that I didn't get the yells out We'll look at a couple of other things we need to do before we begin here.

Let's go ahead and activate Auto Lutz. action bars we're going to add a couple here. We'll not always display them even if we're not using these bars. And yeah, that's just about it I typically play the game for free. At the moment the game is completely add-on free. I'm thinking to activate the Add on Immersion however. Immersion will change how chat windows pop up for dialog boxes and quest boxes.

Let's write them down as of now. We're gonna make a couple other changes then I'll get our feet right into things. All right, let's grab our first quest and see what this is going to look like. The add-on here is known as immersion. It simply takes dialogue box that you normally receive by attending a class and divides it into really manageable chunks that make a lot clear sense. The information is easily digestible.

Let's look at for a way to get back some beginning aisle. The earlier you begin your journey to learn, the better cortisol, the less chance of error, so you must listen closely. The burning crystals the green floating objects to the west of sunspire were used for many years for powering the aisles of experiments the man of worms were their guardians along with the scourge invasion quote the loss has driven them out of our lack of control over them. If you want to buy MMoexp WoW Classic SoD Gold please visit https://www.mmoexp.com/Wow-classic-sod/Gold.html

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