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That being said, there no denying that PSG has one of the best squads in world football. The front three of Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe is more than enough to justify their rating as the strongest team in FC 24.

The Best Goalkeepers In FC 24


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FC 24 has a huge set of talented goalkeepers. Each of the best ones is more than capable of turning the tables of a game with a huge save, assist, or even a goal. They have high stats in Positioning, Reflexes, Handling, and so on, and can make quick work of a penalty shot or a strike during the run of play.

Updated on May 31, , by Branden Lizardi: The overall meta behind the various positions in FC 24 has settled in place now that the game has been out for a while. This means we are now more confident than ever about who the best GK in FC 24 is. To reflect this information, and to make a few overall improvements to readability, weve gone back in and updated this list. Keep that goal safe, everyone!

10 David De Gea, Manchester United
David De Gea has been nothing short of amazing throughout his entire career, especially at Manchester United. It commonplace to consider him as the only reason the club stayed out of relegation territory after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager in 2013.

To this day, De Gea is a phenomenal goalkeeper. He an 87 overall in FC 24 with minimal defeating attributes. His Reflexes are cat-like and his Positioning is near perfect. Hersquo;ll always be in a good spot when a shot comes off; if he isnrsquo;t, his quick reflexes will save him.

9 Mike Maignan, A.C. Milan
French goalkeeper Mike Maignan is a brick wall in the net. His stats reflect his ability to keep teams in the game with quick thinking. You wonrsquo;t find a better goalkeeper to use from Serie A.

Maignan 87 overall rating and 90 potential make him an excellent choice for a first-season Career Mode team.

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