After the keynote presentation
After the keynote presentation Jan 20

After the keynote presentation

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After the keynote presentation, I had the opportunity to try out the demo of Path of Exile 2. The visuals immediately impressed me, with stunning textures, lighting, and sound effects that brought the game to life. In comparison to Diablo IV, Path of Exile 2 environments felt more vibrant, full of character, and intriguing.

I chose to play as the brand new Monk class. The gameplay experience felt incredibly fluid, thanks to the new dodge roll mechanic and the skills available to the class. It was a unique and satisfying experience, allowing me to maneuver around enemies with ease and utilize powerful melee attacks.

However, Path of Exile 2 is not an easy game. While the smaller enemies are manageable, the Magic and Rare enemies pose a serious threat. Their attacks are relentless and require careful positioning and strategic use of skills to survive. Every blow feels impactful, and successfully dealing damage to these enemies is a rewarding accomplishment.

The boss fights in Path of Exile 2 are particularly impressive. With over 100 boss encounters throughout the game, each boss has its unique characteristics, attacks, and mechanics. These encounters reminded me of the challenging gameplay found in Elden Ring. I had to learn attack patterns, avoid being too greedy with my own attacks, and reassess my strategy to defeat them.

There was one boss encounter that truly felt like the Dark Souls treatment. When the boss reached half health, a swarm of hyenas flooded the arena, overwhelming me and leading to several failed attempts. This unexpected turn of events was a refreshing addition to the ARPG genre. If you want to buy MMoexp POE currency trade please visit

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