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Through Passes are more accurate, Swerve Passes have more curve, and Precision Passes travel fasterTiki TakaA player who makes first-time accurate and shot passes. Executes difficult first-time Ground Passes with accuracy, using backheels when contextually appropriate.

Short distance Ground Passes are more accurateWhipped CrossA player who makes high speed whipped crosses into the box. All crosses are more accurate, travel faster, and with more curve.

With PlayStyle+, driven crosses have exceptional powerPhysical PlayStyleEffectAcrobatA player who performs acrobatic passes, clearances, and shots. Performs volleys with improved accuracy and has acrobatic volley animations.

PlayStyle+ grants unique acrobatic volley animationsAerialA player who is proficient in winning offensive and defensive aerial battles. Performs higher jumps and has improved aerial physical presenceLong ThrowA player who throws the ball further than the average player.

Performs throw-ins with increased power to gain distanceQuick StepA player who has a quick burst of speed when accelerating on and off the ball. Accelerates faster during Explosive SprintRelentlessA player who covers a greater area of the field compared to others in the same position.

Reduces fatigue loss during play and increases fatigue recovery during half time. PlayStyle+ greatly reduces long term fatigue effects on attributes, reaction time, and defensive awarenessTrivelaA player who passes, crosses, and shoots with the outside of the foot.

Contextually triggers outside of the foot passes and shots. PlayStyle+ also reduces errors on outside the foot passesScoring PlayStyleEffectChip ShotA player who often tries to chip the goalkeeper. Performs chip shots faster with greater accuracyDead BallA set piece specialist.

Set pieces are delivered with increased speed, curve, and accuracy, and the ball trajectory preview line is longerFinesse ShotA player who places the ball when shooting.

Finesse shots are performed faster, with additional curve and greater accuracyPower HeaderA player who powers headers toward the goal. Performs headers with increased power and accuracyPower ShotA player who takes powerful shots from outside the box.

PlayStyleEffectCross ClaimerGoalkeeper will try to intercept a cross if they can get to it slightly before the opponent. Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reflexes and reactions during opposing set piecesFar ReachBe a Goalkeeper exclusive.

Be a Goalkeeper players are more effective at saving shots from outside the box with increased reach and jumpingFar ThrowGoalkeeper can target players further away with thrown passes. Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reach and handling closer to the end of the matchFootworkGoalkeeper will perform saves with their feet more regularly.

Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reactions and speed in 1-on-1 situationsQuick ReflexesBe a Goalkeeper exclusive. PlayStyles have taken over from Traits in EA Sports FC 24 and are in-game abilities that give players unique capabilities based on real-world data from Opta.
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