Top Most Selling Sonalika Tractor Series Among Indian Farmers
Top Most Selling Sonalika Tractor Series Among Indian Farmers Jan 20

Top Most Selling Sonalika Tractor Series Among Indian Farmers

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Sonalika is a well-known tractor brand in the Indian tractor industry. It offers a wide range of 15+ tractor models under different Sonalika tractor series as per the farming and budget requirements of the farmers. These tractor series include mini tractors, utility tractors and heavy-duty tractors under the HP range of 20 HP to 90 HP. The Sonalika Sikander, Sonalika Garden Track, Sonalika Baagban, and Sonalika Baagban are a few of the selling Sonalika tractor series, among others. You can buy a Sonalika tractor from any of these series at the price of Rs. 3.25 lakh to Rs. 16.80 lakh.

Top 3 Most Popular Sonalika Tractor Series in India

Out of the 7 Sonalika tractor series, we are showcasing the three most popular Sonalika tractor series to simplify your buying decision. Have a look and proceed further.

Sonalika Tiger

The first and foremost is the Sonalika Tiger Series. It consists of 16 tractor models under the hp category ranging from 26 HP to 75 HP. All the Sonalika Tiger series models pack different features along with reliable engines to simplify your varied tasks accordingly. The Sonalika Tiger 50, Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger Series and Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD are a few of the popular Sonalika Tiger series models. You can buy a Sonalika Tiger Series model at a price that ranges from Rs. 5.17 Lakh to 14.73 Lakh.
Sonalika Baagban

The second on the list is the Sonalika Baagban Series. It provides 4 efficient Sonalika tractor models named Sonalika Baagban DI 30, Sonalika DI 32 Baagban, Sonalika Baagban Super DI 30 and Sonalika DI 30 RX Baagban Super. You can buy any of these tractor models under the 27 HP to 32 HP category, depending on your farming and commercial application needs. The price of Sonalika Baagban series models ranges from Rs. 4.33 Lakh to Rs. 5.59 Lakh.
Sonalika Mileage Master
Last but not the least is the Sonalika Mileage Master series. It has 9 tractor models to select from under 18 hp to 55 hp. As the name suggests, the tractor models from this series are built to offer good mileage for the owner. This is what makes the Sonalika Mileage Master series models a value-for-money tractor at the price range of Rs. 2.65 Lakh to Rs. 10.00 Lakh. The Sonalika MM 18, Sonalika MM 39 DI, and Sonalika MM+ 50 DI are a few of the most demanded Sonalika Mileage Master series models. You can choose the best suit for your farming requirements and budget.

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