The Lake update adds four new
The Lake update adds four new Jan 26

The Lake update adds four new

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Shocking revelations
The Lake update adds four new skill gems to the loot pools, three of them electricity-themed and designed to work in synergy with each other. The odd one out is Alchemist's Mark, which doesn't cause direct damage, but targeted enemies that are poisoned or burning melt into puddles of toxic goo or napalm, causing damage over time to more targets.

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On the electrical side Galvanic Field causes enemies afflicted by the Shocked status ailment to explode into electrical damage-over-time fields. Lighting Conduit makes lightning bounce between Shocked targets for extra damage. Lastly, Overcharge Support is a support gem that makes skills deal less initial damage, but boosts the intensity and likelihood of Shock sticking to enemies. It sounds like a fun combo that will make your thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening.

This being a Path of Exile update, there's a raft of smaller changes and additions far too long to cover in detail here. Probably the biggest thing worth mentioning is that Unique items will be dropping less often, but Grinding Gear has gone over the loot pools and buffed a large number of them, theoretically increasing the chance that when a Unique does drop, you'll want to use it sooner rather than later.

Minion-summoning characters have also been rebalanced. Minions are now a little less inherently powerful, but a few new item types have minion-boosting perks. Necromancers will have to dress for success, but they'll at least look fittingly goth doing it. Also rebalanced is the Trickster Ascendancy class, which is becoming a highly agile-but-fragile jack-of-all-trades, completely immune to slowing or freezing effects and able to recharge and replenish their Energy Shield faster through dealing and taking damage. If you want to buy MMoexp POE currency trade please visit

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