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Added FC 24 FUT Champions

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It is a year of change in EA Sports FC Ultimate Team as EA brings to you the world’s game. Some brand-new features are coming to the mode this year, with some additions set to revolutionise the mode. These changes will surely add a new dimension to the way you play.

In Ultimate Team you can build your dream XI, combining players from the past and present, linked by chemistry to give them an extra boost. There are loads of new features coming to the game this season, so let’s dive right in. FC 24 Ultimate Team new features

Throughout the season, promo events will provide boosted versions of players, so you need to play regularly to keep up with the increasing power curve of the mode! Moments: Complete challenges against the CPU to earn Stars, then trade those Stars for rewards.

Squad Battles: Play against various CPU squads to earn points, go up the rankings, and earn weekly rewards. A much-needed switch to four-minute halves is coming to Squad Battles. There will also be a total of 32 weekly matches to play, rather than 40 from FC 24.

Division Rivals: Play against human opposition to climb the ranks, earning better weekly and monthly rewards based on your final standing. This year, reaching Division 2 or higher will bring better rewards. This mode doesn’t appear to be changing too much this season.
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