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As the name shows, the New World Fresh Start Worlds servers offer long-time gamers a fresh begin, permitting them to revel in (or re-experience) New World at release – however with all of the upgrades that the multiplayer game has passed through within the period in-between. What’s more, any new content released can also be available in Fresh Start Worlds, so that you won’t lose out by using taking the leap. Without similarly ado, are all the details we have for Fresh Start Worlds, which include the servers in keeping with area and which characters you can take in your journey.

Fresh Start Worlds according to place
There are presently thirteen New World Fresh Start Worlds servers, though the variety varies in keeping with region. It’s critical to notice that Amazon has clarified that there are not any extra regions due to acquire get right of entry to to Fresh Start Worlds – so if yours isn’t on right here, you’re out of good fortune. Here is the whole list of each global to be had according to vicinity:

Looking for the New World server list? There are a extraordinary deal of New World servers to be had for North America East, North America West, Central Europe, Australia, and South America. Some of these servers have recommended languages, however otherwise they haven't any similarly recognition – PvP, roleplay, or otherwise – so it can be a touch perplexing identifying in which to make your character.

If you’re looking for New World streamer servers, there are a fair few huge communities that have pledged their allegiance to unique servers. This reality may be vital so as to recall while choosing a New World server, as those servers may be imbalanced with regards to New World PvP if hundreds of humans pick out the same New World faction as their streamer of desire. You can test which servers contain essential streamers on the Streamers on New World fansite.
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