In theory this is a slam dunk
In theory this is a slam dunk Feb 07

In theory this is a slam dunk

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The barbarian, druid, and sorceress are the first three confirmed classes, and will feature both gender options like Diablo III. The development team acknowledged that they pissed a lot of people off by not including the druid in Diablo III, and this time he'll keep his companions (like the raven and wolves), as well as magical elemental abilities and shapeshifting. The latter will be done seamlessly, and mid-swing you can transform into a new form. Blizzard is calling it an evolution of everything they've learned so far from Diablo‘s combat systems.Talent trees are in too, as are mounts and the ability to waypoint travel.

In theory this is a slam dunk. It's using all of the good mechanical upgrades from Diablo IIIand then some on top of the dark theme everyone wanted from Diablo I and II. It'll be really interesting to see how it stands up against Path of Exile, the current king of ARPGs. The key? Keeping it updated and relevant for years on end, like Grinding Gear Games has for Path of Exile: which is still free, by the way.

PC, PS4, and Xbox One are confirmed, but there is no release window. Not even Blizzard Soon (TM) is a direct quote from the panel.

Creature Keeper is a Zelda-inspired adventure about taming monsters – Destructoid

Coming to PC in 2021

The darling action-adventure RPG Creature Keeper won me over with an early trailer, but now it's back with way more details to coincide with a just-launched Kickstarter campaign. It still looks great! Anyone who can appreciate the three Cs – cooking, collecting, and combat – should take a look at the pitch.

I'm willing to put up with some less-than-ideal combat in video games that let me amass a horde of critters to do my biding, but actually, Creature Keeper looks ace on that front too. The fighting is surprisingly nimble. Fervir, the designer, is taking cues from Zelda, Rune Factory, and Path of Exile. If you want to buy MMoexp POE currency trade please visit

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