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Clary sage is a plant that is native to the northern Mediterranean Basin. Clary sage essential oil is extracted from flowering tops of clary sage through steam distillation. All the parts of the clary sage plant can be used, including the leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. It is colorless or pale yellow-green liquid with a sweet, nutty herbaceous scent. Besides, Clary sage essential oil is used in aromatherapy.

Blends well with:
Basil oil, Juniper berry oil, Lavender oil, Cardamom oil, Lemon oil, Orange oil, Patchouli oil, Sandalwood oil, and Jasmine oil


Clary Sage oil is known for its ability to stimulate healthy-looking hair and to keep your strands looking stronger, longer.
During the menstrual cycle, women can relieve their abdomen by using Clary Sage oil. You can apply Clary Sage oil to the area of your abdomen and rub for a soothing massage. The natural chemical components of Clary Sage oil provide the most soothing and calming compounds, making Clary Sage oil excellent oil for a soothing abdominal massage.
Besides, Clary Sage Oil reduces the symptoms of cough and cold, effectively deodorizes unpleasant body odors, and supports the balance of hormones.

How to use:

It is used in aromatherapy applications; the fragrance of Clary Sage Essential Oil can provide ease of stress when 2-3 drops are diffused. Also, Clary Sage Oil is known to provide a wider sense of concentration and spirituality, when diffused during meditation, or other devotional practices.
It has an aromatic, stress-relieving soak that is reputed to stimulate comfortable sleep for those suffering from insomnia. Alternatively, you can diffuse 3-4 drops in a bedroom for a few minutes before bedtime.


Clary sage is safe if used in small amounts. However, there is not sufficient knowledge to know that if clary sage is safe or not when it is used in medicinal amounts.
Besides, some individuals experience irritation when applying essential oils to the skin. You should do a skin patch test before using any new essential oil.
Pregnant women and children should consult doctor before using essential oils.

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