Here are a few of my thoughts.

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Skills Quests, Skills And More. A large portion ofOSRS Fire Cape RuneScape includes Skills, Quests and More that are related to the Middle Age. The items listed below can be found in both the Middle Age (and RuneScape), including quests such as Mountain Daughter and skills like cooking and fishing.

Hunter: A lot of Middle Age men and women were hunters. Birds, Rabbits, and Deer were the most common catch (possibly more will be caught soon). Fishing: A lot of food was obtained from the sea, river and lake. A lot of individuals claimed to be better in catching specific fish. This is similar in RuneScape. Baking and cooking: This skill is extremely popular in RuneScape but was considered as a form of art in the Medieval Era. Only few people could make Pies, Bread and cook Meat.

Both smithing and mining The two were utilized in the Middle Age to create weapons and armour. But coal wasn't discovered until 1850. Building Construction and building were very popular in the Medieval Era. That is just some of the many skills from the game used in the Middle Age. You can also see Quests from the Medieval Era.

Mountain Daughter: This camp has a lot of similarities to that of the Middle Age. The Chief's Hut is the the largest and there is a Statue is located close by to honor the gods. More quests needed.

Are you ready? Here are a few of my thoughts. Sailing: During the Middle Age, many people loved to sail and/or make boats. They were considered a skill. Entertainment: Wrestling, Juggling and Bear Dancing are all forms of Medieval entertainment. RuneScape comes with all the required equipment (Jester Suit from Juggling and Wrestling Rings from Warestling). Thank you forBuy OSRS Accounts your time reading.


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