While I would love to submit my suggestion directly to Runescape

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These are just some thoughts I've got (no guarantees) Potions that give you the ability to regenerate, leech energy over a period of times (like half the damage you take) or a potion to prevent the possibility of dying OSRS Accounts. I hate level 70 memebers who appear the same in their dragon legs, obby sheilds, dragon gauntlets, obby capes dragon helms, and dragon boots. It's like having some kind of originality, do some quests, achievment journals wear those things. It's Jagex who is responsible for making the armour useless and of poor quality, even with the requirements of level 40.

The set of fremennik armour is used, except for the helms and hides made of yak. Third-age armour is difficult to be used in daily combat. Spirit sheilds- WHAT IS THE POINT IF THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ABOUT 90% OF THE RUNESCAPE POPULATION.

Granite- The heaviest armour in the game, but yet I still see noobs who reject my suggestion to wear runes if you're going to be running alot. The poor runner is in granite and walking on airs. Sacred clay armour - It can transform into different armour, and it is light. However, it is the same like its F2P counterparts. You should donate it to f2p in the event that you do not intend to make use of it.

The ancient warriors: It only lasts for one hour before it begins to decline. That's a great way waste 10,000,000. However, the statistics aren't impressive and are a rare drop. I believe that's all there is to it about the Runescape armors. Rant Big about Gravestones. Okay, so heres the story that happened maybe fifteen minutes ago. I was woodcutting at Lletya or however you like to call it. I was wearing this: Silly Jester outfit from Fremmenik Isles, Firemaking cape, flame gloves, Ring of Fire Buy RS 2007 Gold, Inferno adze, Damaged Zamorak book, as well as a Lucky rabbit's foot.


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