Podcast Production Costs

The Podknows Podcasting network plans offer an 'everything done for you' approach to your podcast marketing.


Want a guaranteed, HIGHLY-QUALIFIED audience FOR A CLIENT?

Podknows has further corporate-friendly podcast marketing packages available offering even more targeted audience-building assistance! Click the Premium poster to chat it through with me!

Not quite ready to commit at the level above?

Let me manage your expectations - you won't get the same results from these below packages that you would from the professional ones listed above.

That said, if budgets and time are tight, or your focus is on awareness and brand building rather than lead generation, then these will get you better results than simply hiring someone to edit your audio every week.

You'll still get to benefit from more than twenty years of audio content and podcast expertise, and will enjoy #thepodknowsdifference!

The Podknows Podcasting 'dabble' plans offer an 'everything done for you' approach to your monthly podcast marketing.

All you need to do is provide your voice.

You can always upgrade to a full-feature package at any time!

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