An Insight into Different Types of Commercial Refrigerators

We need to comprehend a lot of factors regarding commercial refrigerators. This post will go over the many varieties of commercial refrigerators and how to choose the best one for your business.

Commercial refrigerators are essential to the public health system's success. These are the types of equipment that our restaurant industry entirely depends on. Commercial refrigerators have a lot of features that we are unaware of. This article will look at the various types of commercial refrigerators.

There are seven common types of refrigerators seen in restaurants. They are,

Reach-In refrigerators or freezers or Visi Coolers

A vertical appliance called a Visi-Cooler or Reach-In Refrigerator is made to be installed in commercial kitchens and restaurants. These kinds of units allow personnel to rapidly obtain vital supplies without having to leave their stations or scour a sizable walk-in unit because they have a smaller footprint in so many kitchens and multiple presentations in important areas. Due to its adaptability, affordable price, compactness, and effective storage, it is the refrigeration unit that is most frequently utilized in the food service sector. 

Both reach-in units with solid doors and units with glass doors are available for this style of the freezer. In commercial kitchens, it is mostly used for preserving food, beverages, and raw ingredients.

Walk-in freezers

To keep food, ingredients, and drinks and beverages cool and fresh, commercial restaurants and kitchens employ walk-in refrigerators or walk-in freezers, which resemble large walk-in closets or a walk-in cold room. For keeping juices, alcohol, bulk, or boxed goods, it functions like a warehouse. If you want to open a restaurant, this is the best option for commercial refrigeration. To improve the effectiveness of this sort of static refrigeration, you can also request that the operator set up commercial shelf activities.

serving from a counter

Small business owners who own restaurants, grocers, or butcher shops will find this to be the ideal option. They improve the food items' aesthetic appeal and make them appear more enticing to buyers. Unlike countertop display refrigerators, this one has display-level or bent glass doors that don't entirely enclose the contents, making it simple for customers to choose the food items they want.

Chiller/Freezer Under Counter

This refrigeration unit is similar to reach-in refrigeration; the only distinction that serves as its USP is that it is significantly shorter than reach-in businesses and can fit in smaller spaces. It is a small, portable appliance that would work well in a commercial kitchen. If your commercial kitchen requires a small team to store a few supplies that can be used as needed, this is a wonderful alternative. For those with small food counters or cloud kitchens, refrigeration is the ideal solution.

Back bar/bar refrigerator

Bar refrigerators are a separate market that includes different back bar refrigerators, plate chillers, keg coolers, etc. This type of refrigerator is typically made with a stainless steel or black vinyl exterior to give the under-counter bar area a more streamlined appearance. 

Confectionery Cabinets for pastries

Most pastry cabinets are made of stainless steel that has been bent with glass or traditional wooden finishes. The front portion is covered in glass so that customers can see all of the bakery's sweets and make a decision. While the contents are being displayed, these pastry cabinets maintain the products' freshness.

Chest freezer

Deep freezers that are horizontal on the floor are referred to as chest freezers. When food is added, this static refrigeration machine shows to be perfect. The chest freezer will keep your food frozen for a longer amount of time if there is a power outage in the summer. Additionally, they often use less electricity.


Commercial freezers play a more important role in the operation of restaurants than others do. But how to choose the perfect freezer for your business? Here are some tips.

  • Consider the restaurant size

It is preferable to get an upright freezer for organizations with constrained floor space to make use of the vertical space. You can increase the amount of stock you can keep or display in this way. On the other hand, if your floor space is ample, you will have a wider range of freezer sizes and type possibilities.

  • Choose according to your need

Commercial freezers with reach-in doors feature shallow shelves that make it simple to grasp things. They typically feature one to four doors and are upright.

Commercial refrigerators with a top workspace and refrigeration storage underneath are known as worktop refrigerators. They are necessary for the preparation line.

Commercial freezers that roll in - these models lack an inside shelf. Racks on castors can roll right into the cabinet because they sit directly on the floor and have a thin cabinet floor.

The best refrigerators for keeping a lot of food are walk-in commercial refrigerators. They have shelves that are simple to reach and allow you to walk about freely in the refrigerator area.

  • Select a superior product

Never cut corners when choosing appliances for your business. High-quality products enable the work to be done safely and with great confidence.


When starting a food business or upgrading your existing refrigeration system, choosing the appropriate industrial freezer is a crucial first step. The type, size, and model of the unit you choose to purchase will depend on a variety of criteria. You can put yourself on the correct path to making the right decision by paying close attention to each of these considerations.


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