What is making producers increase their potential yield with faster germination?

Find out how Germinator Closing wheel is helping producers to enhance their yield.


Planting seeds is quite a tedious task, with many different types of farming equipment available to make the process easier. While some are clearly better for this job others are not worth using. To help you save time and money there are various popular devices used along with my review on each.

Planting seeds is the most labor-intensive but gives you more flexibility about where they are placed.  To know how deep you're planting them at since their depth can't be controlled by any other method it becomes difficult to maintain the right depth. The use of traditional standard closing helps you achieve the necessary depth to plant your seeds.


Makers of planting equipment believe that traditional openers are not able to give a good enough job of hiding seeds in soil because of their improper design and closeness. In order to avoid this issue, the use of closed seeders has been encouraged by many companies. [In case there is more

That makes it a lot easier to adapt to changes in soil depth and water levels. With a planter, you have a predetermined depth set by the manufacturer of the machine, which means it will be harder to customize your crop’s planting conditions.

How can producers enhance their yield with better and faster germination and emergence? 

In order to achieve this, one should use new type of seeding equipment. By opting for a planting machine that provide uniformity in seed distribution and depth throughout the field, you can reduce irrigation costs.

Keeping these factors in mind we have gathered information on one of the most popular types available on the market right now- Germinator Closing Wheels.

Germinator Closing Wheels is an advanced closing wheels that can be attached to any planter or tractor for closing the seed-furrow. The Germinator Closing Wheels can be adjusted on the go to maintain expected depth of furrow. Once the right depth is reached, the wheel will automatically cut across the seed-furrow and close it.

This new technology makes planting easy by providing you with a level field for seeding that eliminates any need for changing your equipment or problems caused by different soil types.

The reason Germinator Closing Wheels are already popular among some planters is because they comes with an advanced technology that provide some great benefits like:

1) Faster germination and emergence: 

As the seed is covered as soon as it hits the soil; no light exposure for seedling occurs. This reduces the time period needed to germinate and emerge, making it better than openers or closing wheels. No matter what crop you're planting- wheat, soybean, corn, etc., you can achieve superior stands with Germinator Closing Wheels.

2) Eliminates the risk of sidewall compaction:

When compared to traditional openers, Germinator Closing Wheel covers the seed furrow while eliminating the risk of any sidewall compaction, which is one of the major cause of concern among producers. This is because  the wheel does not drop down into the soil as it is designed to maintain ground contact.

3) Uniform seed depth:

A uniform seed depth reduces the chances of over- and under seeding, which in turn helps you increase your yield and reduce expenses. By maintaining a uniformity in plant stand across the field, you can establish a good crop rotation . This also helps with weed control by covering any space where weeds might grow. The time between sowing and maturity times will be reduced too , thus increasing yield potential. This results into relatively similar profit for both landowners and farmers .

4) Easily adaptable:

Germinator Closing Wheels can be attached to most planters out there on the market today. Whether you want to use them on a single stand planter, double stand planter or even for precision planting, Germinator Closing Wheels can help you achieve that.

It is made out of durable steel metal which makes it possible to adjust the wheels easily even when you're in the middle of seeding. With just one turn you can increase or decrease depth with ease without compromising seed placement .

5) Provides uniformity in seed distribution and depth throughout the field:

The advanced technology ensures that seeds are distributed correctly and uniformly at all depths. This helps producers save both time and money by reducing irrigation costs, as well as eliminating any need for changing equipment or problems caused by different soil types.

6) Works on all types of soil including no-till and wet soil:

Wet soil, and no-till conditions of field are though for the producers when it comes to planting seeds. The Germinator Closing Wheel is designed to work perfectly on all types of soil including no-till, tilled and even heavy or wet soils.

7) Better seed-to-soil contact:

In case of traditional openers or closing wheels, there is always a fear that the seed can be exposed to wind and sun after seeding which affects germination as the seed may get dry or die. In case of openers , this issue has been seen repeatedly where more seeds are often planted than required because of poor contact with soil. Germinator Closing Wheel solves this problem by covering the seed all the time so no exposure occurs at any point of time during growth of crops.

8) Durable body is resistant to corrosion and rust:

Germinator Closing Wheels are made from the high grade steel that is durable and strong.  It is also equipped with two bearings to ensure smooth, quiet operation. The machine is resistant to corrosion and rust so it can stay longer in the field without needing any maintenance.  It is easy to clean as it is resistance to dist as well.

7)  Lower downward pressure:

Traditional closing wheels require a large amount of downward pressure to close the seed furrow. Excessive force on the planter can cause soil compaction and can damage or even break some parts of it. Germinator Closing Wheel has been designed in such a way that it reduces the amount of downward pressure so as to avoid any soil compaction which helps with increasing your yield as well as protecting your equipment from damages .

These are some of the most important benefits producers get by using closing wheels for planting instead of traditional openers or other methods available on the market right now. So if you were looking for the best agriculture equipment, think about your needs and preferences beforehand and choose something that will be suitable for your farm needs. Choosing Germinator Closing Wheels plant is going to help you in the long run with consistent and uniform germination and the emergence of the seeds leading to better potential yield.


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