Black Friday Chile 2022

Encuentra la más variada selección de productos en El Container. Tenemos una gran cantidad de marcas en ropa de cama, artículos del hogar, utensilios de cocina, sillas, veladores, sofás y escritorios, al igual que productos de la más moderna tecnología, como celulares, laptops, table

Chilean consumers can now take advantage of a global holiday on Black Friday 2022. It's an event that's set to have up to seventy-eight empresas in the country participating. Some of them include Vans, Cat, Dafiti, Avianca, Jet Smart, and La Polar.

El Container is one of the best places to celebrate Black Friday. Not only do they have a variety of exciting activities for families to enjoy, but they also have many great deals to take advantage of. For example, you can take advantage of their discounted park tickets.

Black Friday 2022 attractions and activities include dolphin encounters, a chance to get up close and personal with docile stingrays, and more. You can also choose to dine in buffet-style restaurants or smaller snack bars with incredible views of the ocean.

Shopping is a big event in Chile on Black Friday 2022

Black Friday 2022 in Chile, is a major shopping event. It promotes online commerce and is organized by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. Last year, Black Friday 2022 in Chile had $640 million in sales - up 57 percent from Black Friday 2022 2020. Approximately 749 online stores participated in the event.

Black Friday 2022 in Chile is becoming more popular in the country and around the world. While the event may not be as big as Black Friday in the US, it is growing in popularity, not only in Chile but also in South America. If you plan on shopping in Chile on Black Friday 2022 you should visit first this Elcontainer.


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