Hijabs and Abayas

Our brand was established with a revered intention to provide women in the Muslim community with a comfortable, compact, and fashion-forward traditional dress for their daily prayer and mosque visits.

Hijabs and abayas are clothing items worn by Muslim women for religious purposes. They are typically made from flowing polyester or georgette fabrics, and have a crossover front opening that can be pulled over regular clothing. Most abayas are worn with a hijab, or head scarf, which covers the hair and face. These garments were originally common in the Arabian Peninsula, but have now spread throughout the world.

Dolce Gabbana's marketing of designer hijabs and abayas

With the recent launch of its new collection of designer hidjabaya, Italian fashion house Dolce Gabbana has addressed the concerns of Muslims, while ensuring that they stay true to their religious beliefs. The new range of hijabs features gossamer-thin fabrics and delicate lace trims. The designs are whimsical, with floral prints and ripe lemons.

While the brand's marketing campaign of designer hijab dresshas drawn some criticism, the clothing line is intended to appeal to all women, regardless of religion or background. It aims to combat the stigma around the religion of Islam and the marginalization of Muslim women around the world.

Hid Jabaya

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