The entire MyLeague part of NBA 2K has become stale and in need of a complete revamp to bring it up to standard

The entire MyLeague part of NBA 2K has become stale and in need of a complete revamp to bring it up to standard

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Now I'm playing with randoms since I'm pretty new to 2K's online' world'. I've been enjoying with offline for online and years. But offline is starting to get boring so I've found myself playing plenty of2K21 MT park but none of my irl friends are interested in basketball. So position does not really matter in the sense that I'm playing randoms.

NBA 2K21 Suggestion- MyLeague Revamp

The entire MyLeague part of NBA 2K has become stale and in need of a complete revamp to bring it up to standard. The actual contents haven't actually changed since 2K16 or possibly sooner besides one or 2 features being removed/added which are not really that significant. Personally I think we want a far more realistic sim engine since I frequently see good teams not even make the playoffs or lose from the first round to the 8th seed 4-0. This would add realism and make it more engaging to see your great teams be rewarded.

Another tip I have isn't having a fixed potential and having players hit on a block or regress at any point in their career. In real life maybe not every player strikes their potential/ceiling and this is an problem with 2K. Every player which comes from the draft exceeds or hits their potential that is unrealistic. I can name countless high selections (Anthony Bennet, Darko Milicic or lately Josh Jackson) who have not reached what we thought they could. There.

MyGM as my main mode and I've been enjoying with since 2K17. Hold 2K19 as the best version. Hated this year's MyGM. Might be in the minority but the I loved the micromanagement. They really require a rehaul of their trade logics, player development movements, play and contracts. Trade logics. Every year, I end up with a super team by my second season (had DLo/Mitchell/KD/Dray/Gobert at 2K19 and Kyrie/Klay/KD/ / Dray for my growth 2K18). Its wayyy too easy to become good players and Centers go for dirt cheap. Player moves. With the default settings (Trades on 50), Ai goes crazy with the movement. Im not referring to function players also, speaking about 80+ rated guys getting traded right and left.

Now, there is almost no motive to develop picks. Ive find it okay and always place the draft class quality to 55-60. I do note I play all my games so lower rated men are useful because I restrain them. Contracts. Been asking this for years. Want a means to stretch, buy outs, 10 times and also do how Dwight/Melo failed their contracts with per game basis. Playoffs. Please enhance matchups. I really like having the ability to gameplan vs whoever I'm matched up during and would love the AI to perform the same. ForBuy MT 2K21 instance, if they see me using x player at certain times (notice: moments rotation in gameplan), then theyll use a participant to counter in the next game.

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