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And there is at least one web service, the best one, if you ask me, that is capable of doing everything for website monitoring I’ve mentioned earlier - HostTracker.

Posted November 11,2020 in Science and Technology.

John Gilmore
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I was a webmaster for a long time and with enough experience, at the beginning of my journey, I realized that I underestimated the viability of working with website monitoring. It was worth thinking in advance about solving all the routine tasks and preparing software and scripts for monitoring, but when the site for which I was responsible for the first time became unavailable, I was literally not ready. Well, I knew what was needed, and I had some good and well-tuned tools, but I couldn't get it all set up properly.

At this point I realized the importance of overviewing HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP, TCP and other protocols accessibility, overall website stability, stability of all server hardware, integrity of databases and more. To cope with this, you need to test everything yourself, manually launching different services from specific software to hard-coded scripts. Working with these services separately is a real pain below the back for a novice webmaster. You will be less reactive as was I, will respond slower and will spend more time double-checking everything on your own.

HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP, TCP and other protocols accessibility

The best alternative to doing it all manually is to find something very robust, highly customizable, and most importantly, fully automated. And there is at least one web service, the best one, if you ask me, that is capable of doing everything for website monitoring Ive mentioned earlier - HostTracker. So, after I cleared up all the chaos, I did a wise thing that I should have been done beforehand - use this automated website monitoring platform with its powerful toolkit with its round-the-world access network designed to monitor any website. This network includes more than 140 points all around the world connected to various providers in various regions.

website monitoring speed HostTracker

This website monitoring service, besides its amazing capabilities, can do everything at once and at the same time. And it will also notify you if something is wrong with your site using its fully functional instant notifications system that can use almost any of the messaging systems - from phone calls or SMS messages to Skype, Telegram, Viber and Slack. And you can configure everything that is dangerous for your site and what is worth notifying you. Also it has a good bonus for newbies to get into all the stuff - a whole month of free usage after a registration with all services, checks and tests included without any possible limits or restrictions.

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