I'd probably suggest beginning with RuneScape

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Posted November 11,2020 in Gaming.

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Do not be concerned aboutRuneScape gold dieing too much. If your not the tank, and the tank is great at his job (generally 138's are), you won't get hit very much. And when, for some reason, you really do end up making a big mistake (wrong prayer etc.) and dieing, as long as your friends bless your grave you'll really, very easily have the ability to make it back and receive your things (as long as you've got a 1 hour gravestone). I'm in the BLACK ARM GANG and that I need someone from the Pheonix Gang to assist me. The capacity to conquer a level 111 Ice Queen (Ive done it and its quite easy with 43 Prayer(Protect from melee)).

I have 58 assault defence strength and hitpoints.these are my queries. Whats a great spot to get 100k strength xp per hour? Whats a good place for 100k attack xp per hour? What if I array at 42 range? Off Topic- Whats good runecrafting xp? What can I smith for good xp? Whats the breakpoint level for lobsters? What gives great F2P crafting xp? What gives great mining xp at 55 mining? And pretty much finishes my questions, if I have more, ill edit. P.S., im F2P, also if I get p2p items, ima go mad! Green Dragons in the Chaos Tunnels are filled with Baby Black Dragons, which burn through your food supply. Wilderness only has Green Dragons, but there is a probability of Revenants. The Chaos Tunnels are very close to the Grand Exchange and Edgeville, and the Green Dragons in the Wilderness are a rather long walk to Varrock, but a shorter walk to Bounty Hunter.

Green Dragons at the Wilderness generally have a number of people in them, but about 10 Green Dragons. Green Dragons from the Chaos Tunnels have several people, but just 3 Dragons. From the Chaos Tunnels, there is always a risk of the portal being gloomy and transporting you into a random room. [Open the Spoiler to get a map that shows the length of Green Dragons in the Wilderness to some bank, compared to the Grand Exchange or Edgeville throughout the Chaos Tunnels]

I'd probably suggest beginning with the green dragons over Varrock, afterward, if a bit unhappy with the amount of people/banking times, switching to the Chaos Tunnel greens. For the green drags in level 20 above varrock, your best choice is to get a few games necklaces, then teleport into clan wars, and walk a brief distance east till you find the dragons. Then, once your full, just teleport to bounty hunter employing the matches necklace, bank, and then teleprot into clan wars and repeat. It saves tons of walking, and matches necklaces are cheap and easy to purchase, or make whether you've got a few spare sapphires.

The chaos tunnel green dragons are much quicker and easier once you get used to them. Even though they may use more meals than the wilderness dragons, the ease of being: 1) out of this wilderness (no revenants and their pesky teleblocks) 2) much less crowded (only takes 1-2 hops to locate a world without anybody on it) 3) Agree tors gold 2007 some bank than the jungle dragons.

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