I think you want to restrict it to EVE echoes

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Hey there! I only have a week of data, buteve echoes isk I'm reluctant to try and pull in outside information due to the format that I'm storing it in. Thank you for the offer though.I think you have to burden it by quantity (no pun intended). On outlier (physically) that has sufficient quantity _could_ affect the prices for the entire game as it would be well worth it for big haulers to go get or go sell to. But it would still be pretty short lived, so you also have to decay values rather fast.

A good illustration of this is the way prices instantly changed when the update came back up because we had T7 and did not expect to for a while. Suddenly, a ton of mats have been gobbled up to earn T7 items. The marketplace will stabilize, but pricing from before the upgrade is no longer legitimate. Open buy and sell orders are probably a bit stuck, too.Hey there. I just updated the algorithm for calculating the price information, I think it should be more in line with what people are expecting. Allow me to know if you see any difficulties with the amounts, I will continue to monitor and improve the calculation as time goes on according to feedback.

Yeah, the prices do seem better today. There appear to be some boats overlooking, the Omen for example.Yep, I will figure that out shortly. Thanks for checking.Awesome!! I have been working on it and I will be incorporating an updated cost quote to the API soon, I will allow you to know when that happens.That sounds great. Hey, btw, one thing I discovered is that the Succubus is missing from the pricing. The routine is there, but maybe not the ship.And yeah, I understand that the Succubus is overlooking. It is going to be in there shortly.

How can you get your costs in the event that you can talk about it?This is a essential tool, awesome work! Do you enter manually or somehow script it?Can you make it so it shows the price at particular ITC's? Seriously though thanks for this. I've been doing this manually because the game started because of our corps internal structure sheets.

I think you want to restrict it to searching price at certain trade hubs like Amar or Jita and discount small quantities like anything under 1k for ore or mineral. It is it is basing price of any station it is likely to be off. There at people in sport selling stuff for super cheap and then having fleets on station to blap the people when they come to pick it up.I updated the way I compute the prices, ideally it should be in line with what people are anticipating today. Should you see something that's off, please allow me to know. I'm continuing tobuy EVE Mobile ISK work on this I'm loving all the feedback. I'll hopefully add filtering based on channel eventually, but I am not there yet.


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