How to send WhatsApp voice notes from PC

Let’s explain how to send WhatsApp voice notes from PC, something you can use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop for. Both tools are exactly the same and work the same way, but one enters through the browser, and another you can download it directly on Windows or macOS as a standalone appl

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How about we disclose how to send WhatsApp voice notes from PC, something you can utilize WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop for.

The two devices are actually the equivalent and work a similar way, yet one enters through the program, and another you can download it straightforwardly on Windows or macOS as an independent application. We will clarify the cycle through WhatsApp Desktop, however as we have advised you previously, you can do the very same thing from WhatsApp Web.

Both the way toward connecting your versatile record on WhatsApp Web and sending voice notes are actually equivalent to in WhatsApp Desktop. In the two cases, as you'll comprehend, you need to have a WhatsApp account enacted on your portable to interface it to your program or work area application.

Sound notes to WhatsApp from PC The main thing you need to do is download the WhatsApp work area application. For this you have two alternatives, download it for Windows or macOS from the WhatsApp Desktop site, or download the Windows 10 application from the Microsoft Store.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to introduce anything, recall that you can likewise go to the to sign in from the web customer. In both the work area application and the web rendition, when you enter interestingly you will see a QR code to connect them with the WhatsApp application on your portable.

This implies that it's presently tapped to open the portable you're endorsed in to from WhatsApp to. When you open your portable, you need to get to the WhatsApp Web alternative of the application. On Android, you need to tap on the menu button with the three spots symbol at the upper right and pick the WhatsApp Web choice. On iOS, the alternative is inside the settings.

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