Nike Air Max 95 “Cork” Obsidian DC3991-400 For Sale Online

Nike Air Max 95 “Cork” Obsidian DC3991-400 For Sale Online

Posted March 3,2021 in Sport.

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Natural dyes + environmentally friendly materials! Air Jordan Shoes 2021 Two new Air Max 95 will be on sale soon! Nike has been working hard in the field of environmental protection in recent years, and concepts such as "recycling materials" and "garbage shoes" have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As the anniversary of many classic shoes in 2020, Nike has shown us the anniversary color matching of many shoes. The Air Max 95, which was born in 1995, also ushered in its 25th anniversary this year. Twenty years ago, the Air Max 95 sports shoes were inspired by the anatomy of the human body and used the forefoot Max Air cushioning technology to stand out from the past sports shoe designs and change the pattern of the footwear market.
Nike recently launched two pairs of new Nike Air Max 95 Cork Obsidian with environmentally friendly attributes. The overall color of the first pair is navy blue, and the midsole is white with distinct layers. The upper is made of canvas, with stripes made of light blue denim and cork on the side, and plant patterns representing environmental protection and renewable resources are added to the tongue. The second pair is mainly wheat-colored, and the midsole also uses white to distinguish levels. The upper is made of canvas material, the tongue is added with cork material, and the tongue is also decorated with plant patterns. It is reported that both pairs of shoes are based on the theme of "plants", using renewable dyes and environmentally friendly materials derived from plants in the manufacturing process.
Choosing the right color scheme can form a strong visual effect and highlight key design functions. "We use color to emphasize technical elements and some of the functions we want the shoes to show." Lozano recalled. The black midsole is the first in similar shoes to help cover the dirt and dust on the shoes after running. Since its launch in 1995, the Air Max 95, which opened a historical era, has sold strong so far, and is expected to continue to write a legend after its 20th anniversary celebration.

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