Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis could mend the large issues keeping PSO2 from being a killer MMO

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Phantasy Star Online 2 is the type of game I will happily sink hundreds ofPSO2 Meseta hours into but if someone ever asks me whether they should begin playing it I'll say no. It is an anime MMO with absurdly comprehensive character customization, demanding hack-n-slash combat, and a grind. But the things I love about PSO2 are also buried under frustrations which make it hard to recommend. During the Xbox Games Showcase last weekend, Sega surprised the community by announcing Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis--and, by the looks of this, New Genesis is an exciting bid to repair a number of these sins.

What New Genesis really is, however, is a little perplexing. It is fundamentally a standalone game--an entirely different free-to-play MMO to PSO2--that's place a thousand years in the future. It features a completely new graphics engine, upgraded combat and character customization methods, and environments that are far bigger than PSO2's tight corridor-style levels. At precisely the exact same time, Sega is saying that the two MMOs will actually function in tandem: Characters from PSO2 can freely jump between the old version and New Genesis, with most cosmetics carrying over while progression is going to be kept separate. PSO2 will continue getting its updates but will also get the graphical updates of New Genesis so both seem more similar.

There's still a great deal of questions regarding how this may work--not to mention why Sega decided to divide its MMO into separate games in such a confusing way --but I'm willing to be optimistic since the potential this is apparent. Despite being eight years old, PSO2 has some clever thoughts I want other MMOs would pay attention to. The actual draw has and will always be its demanding combat. At higher difficulties, one wrong move can get you killed, which places a stressed but exciting focus on nailing perfect combos and studying enemy movements so you know when to dodge. Its nine courses range from gun-wielding Rangers that transform the match into a third-person shooter to Bouncers that fly around on a set of rocket boots. Mastering the heaps of class abilities and how they work together is fun, so that I do not care that the images are obsolete or the levels lack variety. PSO2 is about killing stuff.

Parties who manage to kill enough monsters in a specific area quickly enough could trigger a special event that causes more monsters to spawn rapidly and increase the probability of them dropping rare loot. If the party will continue to kill those respawning monsters in a quick enough pace--it's not easy--that the time limit on the event is extended. 1 time I had a celebration that dragged this out for an exhilarating 15 minutes. It had been like looter shot nirvana.There is a new story, updated attributes and even a new class to enjoy. Episode 5 seems to be a significant departure from Episode 4, since there are a lot of new things to encounter along with a new, high level limit of 90 to reach. Here's what to get excited about in PSO2 Episode 5, and why to come back if you were tired of battling a ship. The first Scion Class, Hero, is here. Unlike regular classes, there are prerequisites to unlock Scions, and they tend to play otherwise. To play Hero, you should have any two level 75 classes before speaking tocheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Cofy to unlock it.


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