The Capture Arena is a building directly south of the Dwarven Mines north of RuneScape

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We need races at RuneScape! Each race will be specificaly great at a certain skill! Such as the elf race would be great at scope and perhaps get more exp and find some more hit points on people RS Gold. So like you wouldn't make an elf be a warrior... That is the human's job! Perhaps talking to NPCs who will be the exact same race as you would make them behave differently. Like a dwarf speaking to a stunt would be like a super friendly conversation! But a elf talking to a dwarf would be an average one.

Only a few that came to mind... consider the awesomeness that will be! For RS members we would find a broader choice too. I can't do anything cool! "you'd have a prospect of getting an nature of the race by killing one! For instance... you are near the gnome village once you get this feeling of not enjoying your race anymore. So you kill a few gnomes and whaddaya know? A gnome character in your stock! So you right click the character (The character would be a rock with a gem in it) and an option list comes down.

This way us men who've been playing for a while have the opportunity to turn into another class. You would not have the ability to purchase the essence from the GE or trade it. Any fans?

Hey Guys I recently got lvl 32 cooking so I am in the cooking guild. I was making pies once I decided to make pizza, I discovered the cooking guild is still not outfitted as a guild and is lacking components for progressive cooking. I think an upgrade to the guild should be done so it's available ingredients for free players. I understand in the members world it's more but this is to match the members OSRS Fire Cape for sale, so free of play I think ingredients such as berries, meat, milk should be available to free players as well as members.


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