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Farmers are adept at planting seeds andfire cape osrs harvesting the seeds. But farming is much more than that. Farms can also be a home for animals. If you're skilled enough, you might be able to take care of cattle and pigs or even manage an enviable dragon ranch. It would be more fun to bring animals into the farm, and it will provide you with additional reasons to work on your farm.

Kamu disappears into thine own ether. Just follow Ignacius Vulcan. Just walk. Your player will be unconscious and suffer 10 Damage. The player will wake up in a dark cave, illuminated by four torchlights in each cornor. A rack contains different swords. Bows, crossbows. staves. There are also cases of runes. Bolts and Arrows. There is a chance to see the Ghostly Assassin if you look at the area.

Who did you think sent you fools? I'm not able to tell you, it is completely confidential. Fine. Why are you here? I'd be interested in discussing the Ghostly Spy mission with you. There is a cost to pay. What is the price? 10 Death Runes. Here are the descriptions of their death runes.

Good. Ivan, the Guardian of Death is being pursued by the spy. Ivan is a corrupted spirit and will not let anyone go unless they kill him. He is seeking an opportunity to kill him, so I can finish the task. He is more powerful than me and him. This is where you come in. Undead people are more likely to be affected by living than the dead, as you have powerful spells. But, before you are able to kill him, you will need to gather a small army to get through his line of defense. Be careful. Also, take this list. This is the list of people that you need to rally around if Ivan is killed.

Simon is located on the top floor of Yanille's Mage Guild. After you have killed two wizards, you are able to start an exchange. This can only be done with Amulet of Phantomspeak orbuy osrs fire cape Ring of Visibility. You're killing my followers! Followers? Yes! I constructed this tower. Simon The Ghostly Magie, is me. Also, Simon is that you? Yes. I'm Simon of Yanille.

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