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Another year later, it's Madden again, and another great football game is back. EA promises Madden NFL 20 will be the best and most authentic football experience to date. But they say every year, don't they? In the past, many accused the series of an expensive annual roster update. Is this the case, or has EA developed products that can significantly improve its previous generation of products?

Madden's gameplay has been radically improved and is more realistic than last year's version. Passing is smoother, and you can now make those 50 yard bombs that might have been picked up or dropped incompletely in previous years. The linebacker also no longer makes the jump intercept that bothers the previous game. I've also found that this year recipients are much better at single coverage. They can catch the ball now, and once the defender breathes, the ball doesn't fall. Yes, I've still experienced some confusing declines, but overall, it's a big step forward.

Running is also better because of the smooth mechanical structure and quick response. This time, it actually feels like a feasible strategy. This is largely due to the fact that EA seems to have fixed the speed threshold. In the past version, the opposite defender can easily grasp the fastest player, which brings him a very frustrating experience. Now, if you try to run like Christian McCaffrey, you can run 50, 60, or 70 yards.

Although there are problems. Even if the player carrying the ball is a superstar like Alvin kamara or Todd Gurley, the AI force will swing at will. They also seem to be interested in seizing your mask at every available opportunity. Both the assemble and facemask calls are so common that they are ridiculously close, which means (again) messing up the slider for the best Madden experience.

Madden 20 also saw the introduction of the run / through option (RPO). Basically, according to the arrangement of defense, attack can be carried out or passed. I'm not a good Madden player in any way, so I don't really have that knowledge, but you need to read the defensive knowledge and make a decision immediately. However, I have no doubt that experienced players will make the most of them. It's also nice to see them finally join, as they are the clearest indicator of EA's commitment to revising Madden's playbook to better reflect real football. That can only be a good thing.

A common complaint over the past few years has been that the best players in the league are not so different from everyone else. You can put a backup next to the talent of generations and feel that there is almost no difference between the two. They don't feel like stars in real life. The biggest addition to Madden 20 solvesearning mut coinsproblem. The top 50 players in the league are now designated as the "superstar X factor.". Each of them gets a lot of benefits, including a special "zone" ability, which reflects the style of play that puts them first.

Their "zone" abilities need to be activated in the game by completing certain goals, such as a certain number of receive, pass or sack. Once this is done, the player will be "in the zone" and may lead and direct the proceedings. For example, if you activate pat mahome's bazooka ability, he will be able to throw another 15 yards into the backfield. At the same time, once Jalen Ramsey's "shutdown" function is activated, he will start to pick up more passes. There are 20 of these features that shake the game in one way or another.

Some people worry that factor X will destroy the balance of the game. They didn't. By accomplishing your goals, you can easily shoot the other player out of the area.

Instead, they keep each game fresh by forcing you to adapt. If the other player enters the penalty area, you need to pay close attention to them because they may really ruin your day. If you get close to him, Richard Sherman will pick you up, if you spend too much time in your pocket, Khalil Mack will fire you over and over again, and Tom Brady will become unstoppable as he approaches. In this sense, it is like real life, promoting Madden 20 to a more real and complete football experience.

No one is surprised that the ultimate team (MUT) is once again the focus of EA. It's really everything you've never seen before, and mut veterans will have direct access. Although there are some changes to note, one of them is the new "mission" tab, which is a good way to familiarize new players with the mode. The solo challenge has also undergone a comprehensive reform. Now called the ultimate challenge, they work on star systems and use these systems to complete difficult solos and achieve bonus goals. Each challenge set also has a built-in milestone bonus that unlocks when you reach a certain number of stars.

Instant MUT 20 Coins Safe

If you need to getMUT 20 coins safely, legally and cheaply, I suggest you buy them online. You can search for Madden NFL 20 coins on Google and you may find many stores selling it. My personal experience is buying Madden NFL coins on the VHPG website. Because they are the lowest price and the source of goods is legal, so far I haven't encountered any account problems, I trust them very much.

If you want to buy goods from the Internet, we suggest you choose the right website carefully. In fact, as long as you buy it on a famous large website, there are no security issues and you don't have to worry about your account being blocked.

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