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Approx. 30% of men that are above 40 years of age that are suffering from impotence or Erectile Dysfunction condition in men. Fildena Chewable medicine is a novel preparation for a penile failure condition and is used in relieving impotence issue in men of all ages

Trouble Getting An Erection  
Men with impotence issues find it extremely difficult to attain or maintain an erection due to insufficient blood supply to the penile. Poor blood flow to the penile affects the erection function and it prevents them from attaining the natural erection for indulging in sexual activity even after ample sexual stimulation. Frequent episodes of failure in achieving natural erections are usually an indication of an underlying physiological or psychological condition. Physiological conditions are responsible for damaging the reproductive organs which impact sexual function. Whereas psychological conditions are known to interrupt arousal. However, Fortune Healthcare Fildena medications with their potent formulation revitalize these damaged blood vessels and restore their proper function. It contains a clinically proven formula that effectively manages the condition.

Selecting The Most Appropriate Treatment        
The availability of a multitude of treatment options can leave you baffled. There are various methods of treatment such as constriction rings, vacuum erection devices, external stimulants or vitamin supplements, herbal methods using essential oils, injections, and surgical implants. Treatment using constriction rings, penile injections, and vacuum erection devices is quite risky as it can lead to bruises and they may also worsen priapism, hence, they are not intended for continuous usage. Surgical implants are also a risky option whereas herbal methods using essential oils are not much effective when it comes to the treatment.     

ED medications such as Fortune Healthcare Fildena are preferred by most men due to their ability to provide desired outcomes on your sexual performance. The medicine essentially targets sexual performance, not sexual arousal. Fortune Healthcare Fildena triggers stronger erections in the presence of sexual excitement. During sexual stimulation, nerve signals begin to stimulate the penile and trigger a physiological response by causing an erection. The erection thus induces sustains for a prolonged duration throughout your lovemaking sessions.

Lack Of Sexual Passion And Dwindling Desire     
Your sexual problems must not dull your passion. Passion is nothing but a powerful blend of intimacy, thrill, and sensuality. The one thing that fuels your passion is communication. Healthy communication ensures a balanced relationship where you feel free to be your authentic self. Through communication, you will be able to express your sexual needs effectively to your partner.     

Sometimes, you might also be facing libido loss which is nothing but the loss of sex drive or disinterest in sex. This could be blamed on health issues, genetics, or hormonal problems. Also, you need to acknowledge that an erection is not always a necessity for having a good time together. Sex and intimacy are two separate things as sex emphasizes the physical aspect whereas intimacy is all about the emotional connection. You can still make your experience more exciting by spending more time on foreplay which is essential for increasing the passion in long-term relationships. Foreplay serves a physical as well as emotional purpose helping you to prepare for passionate sex and it helps in enhancing the feelings of togetherness and it helps build trust. It is also a way in which you express your affection that helps in instilling psychological security and emotional wellness.