What is rover clone?

What is rover clone? Find more about it

When a family goes on a vacation to get some relaxation, they often have to get some specific arrangements if they have pets to make sure that they get treated with utmost care while the family is nowhere near them. Certain pets such as dogs and cats require particular care needs; that may require attention and difficult to provide while on a vacation. That’s when pet sitters come into the picture. Generally pet owners have numerous selections in this case which includes boarding a particular pet a kennel or opting to go with a pet sitter to care for them in their home.

It comes as no surprise that on demand pet sitting business is catching up big time, delivering a standard result for startups to plunge into this business. Considering all the technical aspects, NCrypted Websites have created an optimal on demand pet sitting software – PetSitCare, that fulfills the desire of pet lovers by offering them jobs of taking care of different pets.

How does Rover work?

Answering the question: How does Rover work? – is quite simple as a matter of fact. Rover is a platform that connects people with pet sitters. Here’s an interesting thing. You don’t have to be an expert to become a pet sitter but pet parents have the privilege to explore profiles in a specific location and ask for a person based on their ratings and reviews. This draws earning for dog sitters and care for dogs in absence of dog owner. So, how does Rover work has basically o growing concerns over Rover is it provides rover cards to the sitters which help in the tracking dog and its activities through pictures, and then sitters can send them easily to the owners

It is available on all Platforms such as Android, iOS as well as the web. It is simply a concept of a win-win situation between Dog owner and sitter, wherein after login, there is a verification feature for dog sitters that require background checks on them.

Owners can search the sitters by selecting the required service, and mentioning the dates and location for it, the search algorithm works on sitter’s reviews and ratings, location and response rate for inquiry, upon finding the right sitter, owner can provide all the necessary information regarding pick up/drop off date and time along with pet details, this will be seen by the sitter in a message

Types of Services by Rover

  • Dog boarding – Now, looking at it, the first thing that comes in our mind is what is dog boarding? It is a service offered by sitters, who takes the owner’s dog to his/her own kennel or house, and takes care of him/her according to owner’s guidance
  • House sitting – It is a service that seems familiar from the name itself, isn’t’? , Rover helps the owners to find the sitters who stay at owner’s place and take care of the pet according to the requirements until the owner is away
  • Drop-In visits – Sitters stop by owners home a few times a day for 30 minutes each time to feed and play with the owner’s dog. Owners are charged on a per-visit basis.

How does Rover Work for Dog Sitters?

Now, let’s see how does Rover work for dog sitters. If someone loves animals and would like a way to earn some extra money on the side, pet sitting might just be the perfect fit for then The best part is that no expert training or any sort of certifications are compulsory. Just one though! Pet sitters must love pets and know how to keep them safe in a risk-free and loving environment.

They can earn part-time as well as full time, the main reason incomes through Rover vary so much is the fact that sitters are able to set their own rates and choose their own schedules.

Do you want to own your own Pet-sitter and Pet-walker service providing online business? Sometimes, people are busy and not able to be with their favorite family members-pets. And no owner would like to leave his dog in a cage while they are not available to look after him. So, now-a-days it is in trend to hire people who are also dog lovers and want to make some money or want to make career in the field of dog-care. Rover Clone allows you to have your own dog-care or you can say that your own pet-care online business.

Sitters that treat Rover like a part-time job and take two or three dogs for two weeks out of the month earn an average of $1,000 per month. Meanwhile, those that treat Rover like a full-time job, working 4 weeks out of the month and taking 2-3 dogs at a time, earn an average of $3,300/month.



How Does An On-demand Dog Walking App Work?

A dog walking app allows pet owners to include detailed notes about their dogs, mainly on vets and medications, harness, collars, etc.

The on-demand dog walking app works in a wonderful way that users after registering can book a walk or check whether a nearby dog walker is available to take care of the dog in cases where the pet owners could not deal with the same. Uber’s X dog walking model has made it easier for pet owners and dog walkers as well.

More than the service motto, a dog walking app helps dog walkers to earn good money as well as spend time hanging out with dogs. Therefore, on-demand dog walking app development can be ideal for both dog walkers and pet owners.

Current Market Values Of On-demand Dog Walking Apps

According to a survey report, the average industry growth of on-demand dog walking app development has increased to 3.2% between 2015 and 2020. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Americans own more pets than any other country in history. Therefore, around 188 million pets have occupied the houses of more than three-quarters of US households, which should be noted.

If you look at the amount that pet owners spend in taking care of dogs in all aspects come close to $70 billion mostly on pet-related products and services. Keeping these factors in mind, the prediction of dog walking services for the next five years will definitely increase..

To create a dog walking app, as a developer you need to follow certain steps and implement them with great effort.

The following steps can be a simple and step-by-step guide towards on-demand dog walking app development.

1: Develop a solid business plan

Know the dog walking process completely and make a solid business plan before you intend to develop a dog walking app. Know who your clients are and then keep your step forward into the app development. Get some suggestions from industry experts and also from other on-demand apps with a shared economy such as food delivery, taxi booking, and similar apps.

2: Keep an estimation of your potential earnings and revenue

Pre-calculation of your potential earnings and revenue after your dog walking app goes live is always good, since you can be well-prepared to manage your profits and losses in good/bad times. If you are running the operation by yourself, then you should consider the overall costs of your dog walking app development, trademarks registration, filing of licenses, and administering your clientele using a mobile app.

3: Diversification and employees

If you want to grow online, think of the expenses you should be bearing in terms of hiring new employees, since branching out can be a little hefty but beneficial as well. Moreover, going online involves more expenses for promotions and publicity. Therefore be ready to accept such expenses you may incur and plan for expansions.

4: Market research

This plays the foremost role in any on-demand app development for that case. You should do intensive research on the current competition both locally and nationally. Some questions mentioned here can help you with the best research.

  • Are there any individuals competing in your area for your business idea? If so, try to understand how they manage and operate successfully.
  • How much does your competitor charge the pet owners for dog walking services?
  • Is there a contract to be signed or it is a one-time service?
  • Does your competitor have an office locally for dog walking services or do they operate online as well across locations?
  • What techniques did your competitors follow to reach their target audience?
  • What promotional strategies did they follow?
  • Do they provide additional services like dog sitting and dog cleaning after walks?
  • How good are the apps of your competitors and what can you additionally add to them?
  • Which social media marketing platform is your competitors promoting their brand/app?

5: Launch your marketing campaigns

Once you have crystal clear information and analysis of how your competitors are performing in the market and what features they have in the app, it is your time to build buyer personas for your app and focus on your target audience considering several factors that will influence them towards your dog walking app.

Organize third-party based social media campaigns since the dog walking app could be a common requirement to man people, and you never know how many of them actually have dogs.

6: Make blogs and social media to your comfort

Use social media and blogging to your extreme advantage and know people’s interest in the dog walking business. Use powerful social media platforms and share photos and videos of the services you provide in your on-demand dog walking app to your potential customers and create user engagement.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to create a dog walking app, but make sure it does not go wrong while implementing any of the processes.



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