In this modern time, people are so engrossed in their busy lives that they need help to complete their everyday tasks. This is the reason why on-demand services are flourishing throughout the world. By using on-demand mobile apps, a user can easily get on-demand services. The on-demand apps work as a connecting point between customers and different businesses. These apps come equipped with multiple features and allow customers to get a number of services. TaskRabbit is a popular online platform that allows users to hire people for varied tasks like cleaning, packing, moving, furniture assembly, general handyman, and more. TaskRabbit is an online marketplace where small agencies and freelance providers can find various household jobs in their vicinity. “Global On-demand Home Services is expected to grow at 18.91% CAGR and will reach (US) $1,133.40 billion by 2026.” It’s a two-sided marketplace for those who need help and those who want to provide help. It serves as a bridge between ‘Task posters’ (people who need some help) and ‘Taskers’ (people with the required skills and time to accomplish certain tasks). It is a one-stop solution for various routine tasks that people with more money than time can easily get completed by specialized people. As a leading online marketplace, TaskRabbit is quite handy for people who are too busy in their daily lives. For these people, the app works like a magic wand that they can use to obtain desired services at their fingertips. In essence, the app matches freelance workers to local demands.


Finding help around your neighborhood is a brilliant startup concept that pushed labor relationships to the next level. Now it is hard to believe that TaskRabbit and Thumbtack only emerged in 2008, just one year after the first iPhone launched. It all started with an idea. Leah Busque, a founder of TaskRabbit, quit her programming job at IBM to create her own startup after she realized the necessity of such a service. As often happens, first she experienced the need for errand runners and started searching for companies that provided such a service. Failing to find any, she plunged into creating her own business that would help people who also needed a helping hand in their daily duties. Almost at the same time, Marco Zappacosta and his team were working on their platform, Thumbtack. Their idea came from the desire to take the Craigslist concept and transform it into an online marketplace. Unlike TaskRabbit, which focused on home errands, Thumbtack did not restrict the areas of specializations. Now, Thumbtack is called “the Amazon of home services” and is considered the biggest representative in its niche. Have you found how does Thumbtack work fascinating and wish to develop and begin a business similar to it? Thumbtack clone  is a ready-to-go solution, for website clone scripts are way more than what is called as apt for any entrepreneur to kickstart the business. NCrypted has a fine team which promises to handle the project since its very beginning, the business experts to negotiate about all the commercial stuff and adroit project managers to plan and give the finest of the shapes to the project.


For admins, there should be features like admin dashboard, reports analytics, user management, service provider management, changes of fees prices, etc. An app like  TaskRabbit offers numerous features that are used by end-users to book desired services and access other functions. Some of these features are mentioned below.


The online marketplace is an essential feature that an on-demand TaskRabbit Clone should possess. There should be a list of services in the opening screen in your app where users can select desired services. The list should include services that you are offering to your customers. Once a user taps on a category, he/she should land on a detailed category page where broader service options are provided.


This is the feature that should be available to both service providers and the end-users. For end-users: The feature should enable them to book a service for instantly or schedule it for a later time. Also, the feature should allow a user to reschedule a service in case he/she is not available. For service providers: They should be able to view booking they receive and should have the option to accept/reject it.


By using this feature, the end-users will be able to view details on previous service bookings along with details on payments, service providers, etc. It will provide two benefits – first, they can check their previous bookings and second they can find a service provider that they took service from previously.


Push notifications are an important part of any mobile application to ensure user engagement. These notifications are useful for service providers to get booking status. Also, they help winning back the customers who aren’t interacting with the app for a while.


Sending and receiving messages is as useful as making and receiving calls. Hence, integrating a chatting system into an on-demand service app is useful for providing a way to send/receive messages to the end-users besides calling functionality.


The app should have a tracking feature that would allow an end-user to know how far a tasker is from the destination and where he/she has reached. It will give an idea to end-users about when to make necessary preparations.


Although the end-users can make payments for the services they receive from their homes, in-app payment makes it more convenient and peace of mind. Providing an option to pay from the app securely gives another reason for user engagement.


When a service is finished, the app should offer an invoice providing information on service charges. The app should have a separate section under a category like Orders where they can see the service and invoices as well as send them over SMS or email.


There should be an open communication line between the service providers and customers. There should be a clear help or contact section in the menu to let the end-users easily find options for getting immediate help and support. Also, the app should provide FAQs where every type of user can find answers to their queries with minimum help.


Ratings reviews that service providers obtain from their customers are very useful for them and essential for the booking process. More positive reviews and ratings will add more customers to its existing customer base. The app should have an option to leave reviews and ratings for service providers.

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