Wrath of the Lich King Classic – IGV Ultimate WoW Gold Making Guide

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Guide - Best Classes for Gold Farming in WoW WotLK

Player who have played WoW Classic will know the importance of gold in the game. While, choosing the right profession is one of the main sources for players to farm more WOW Classic Gold for Sale as the WotLK expansion releases. So, beginners are wondering how to select the right profession in the beginning of WotLK to enable the stable gold farming. Players can farm more WotLK Classic Gold to get the rare materials or gems for upgrading their weapons or armor in WotLK.

Fishing Cooking

Throughout original WoW and the early expansions, fishing was never more profitable than during WotLK. All of the best buff food comes from fishing. And to catch all of it you don’t need more than the professional skilled up and some cheap lures. While I don’t expect it to be the best gold per hour, it’ll undoubtedly be the most relaxing and the easiest to do while chatting with friends or watching videos.

  1. Fish bot everytime your PC is open, except ofc when you want to raid or do other things with your account than fishing.
  2. Always keep a good supply of lures in your bag.
  3. Cook Musselback Sculpin into Grilled Sculpin and sell them on AH for 35-40g , cook Bonescale Snapper into Grilled Bonescale and sell them at vendor for 60s each or use them while grinding , cook Dragonfin Angelfish into Blackened Dragonfin(you'll need Northern Spices, you can buy 10 for 1xDalaran Cooking Awards, and if you have friends you can buy the Northern Spices from them - 50g/10spices is a very good price) and sell them on AH for 190-200g - I own the food market on my server and I sell them directly to buyer with 180g, depends on how often they are buying from me; you'll often get Pygmy Suckerfish , you can talk to a friend alchemist and craft Pygmy Oil (I sell them for 120g/stack, with 1pygmy suckerfish you can get 1-2pygmy oils)

Best Classes for Gold Farming in WoW WotLK


Paladins have insane potential and could end up being the absolute best class for gold farming in Wrath of the Lich King. Paladins can solo old dungeons for incredible loot and raw gold, stratholme farming and zul'farrak farming will still be pretty profitable, and having access to 10 new levels and even better gear, level 80 paladins can even solo Classic Dungeons.

Retribution Paladin feel incredible at pretty much all types of goldfarms, you can go retribution for insane damage and smaller pulls, or Protection for absolutely massive pulls with a slower burn effect when it comes to killing the mobs. Having access to Crusader Aura, Paladins are also really good at Gathering Professions like Herbalism Mining, so Paladins are a great choice for gold farming in and are an obvious S-tier class in Wrath of the Lich King.


After Paladins, your best bet is none other than the Mage Class in Wraith of the Lich King Classic. Unlike the previous, now Eternal Farming is overpower in WotLK as it has more locations for gold per hour.

The reason for Mage being good with WOTLK Gold Farming is their Massive Pull of Eternals or Elementals in one pull. In farming locations where there are no disruptions, you can pretty much dominate your enemies in bulk and gain massive amounts of gold per hour.

There is Mage Boosting in Wrath Dungeons that makes them even more special. When the Mage Boosting does become a real thing, you can do level boosting from level 68 to 80, as it will be the most exceptional path to farming gold in Wrath Classic.

Death knight

Death knights are also an ironically really good at farming gold with their own a pale horse Totland they can increase them mounted movements been making them on the par with Paladins for her but it’s been mighty farming in Wrath of the Lich King. Imagine that being a dust mite with herbalism just running around picking flowers. So they also have the ability to single target farm or a gob farm at high efficiency. Frost death mice can do both pretty efficient.


Druids are built to be the perfect open world gold farmers, they're extremely convenient herbalists and miners with their instant flight form, and they have ridiculously strong open world farming with Starfall. Plus you can always do easy dungeon cell farms with zero competition. If you want to heal their tank dungeons, you can always sell your services for gold, If your main is a death knight you are considered very self-sustaining.


Professions in WoW has a long history of being great money maker in WOTLK professions play an even larger role in gaining a huge amount of currency quickly. We will go over a few of the top money-making professions here to help you correctly choose your gold farming journey.

Players should know how to make money in Warcraft Classic WotLK, because many powerful equipments cost a lot of gold in the game.

These ways are efficient in farming gold in the game. Their special skills or attributes are useful in the process of farming gold in WotLK. On the other hand, you can Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold at https://www.igv.com/WOW-Classic-Gold to level up your characters quickly and complete more quests or dungeons for gold rewards.


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