Cell Telephone Stun Rifle Preserves Single Mom From Medicine Crazy Child

Cell Telephone Stun Rifle Preserves Single Mom From Medicine Crazy Child

Otherwise they would have been cover bands showcasing oldies but goodies.Neo-Psychedelic music is basically any band after the 60's/70's that produced a Psychedelic sound. Due to the modernization and multitude of new styles, these bands never produced true Psychedelia. They were Neo.Here is a list of my personal Top 10 favorite Neo-Psychedelic bands of the 1980's:Most people know the members of this band under the moniker XTC.

XTC wanted to release a couple of records to pay homage to Psychedelia, but it wouldn't jive with their electro disco grooves. Cue The Dukes of Stratosphear. They were a blip on the screen, releasing a mini-album ("25 O'Clock") in 1985 and a full length ("Psonic Psunspot") in 1987. One little cute artifact: in the credits of XTC's "Skylarking" album, the band thanked The Dukes for loaning them their guitars.Suggested songs: "What In The World?", "Your Gold Dress" Blue Meanies.

A short-lived band, active between 1981 and 1988 (but also recently reformed in 2012), The Rain Parade came out of the Paisley Underground scene in Los Angeles. Jangly guitars dominate the spectrum, harking to early Pink Floyd, The Who, and mid-career Beatles. A little more toned down, yet great inspirational music. Inspiration for what? You be the judge.
***Suggested songs: "I Look Around", "Look Both Ways".

Mainly notable for the teaming of The Cure's Robert Smith and Siouxsie and the Banshees' Steven Severin, this is New Wave Psychedelia. Named after the flying glove in The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" movie, The Glove put out only one album, "Blue Sunshine", named after the horror movie of the same name in which people take a form of LSD called "Blue Sunshine" and go on a murder spree.Suggested songs: "Orgy", "Punish Me With Kisses".

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