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Borglocks design, create and distribute its wide range of mechanical access control devices since 1997.

Our Metal Gate Lock series is specially designed to meet the requirements of any dive or security scenario. The marine grade keypads are supplied with fully adjustable latch bolt, ensuring a tight seal that is safe and reliable. Our Metal Gate Locks is worn against salt water and UV. They have four keys with different working ranges. You can get gate locks in different range of price form Borglocks. Our Metal Gate locks is designed to provide the perfect solution for metallic field area gates. We combine our in particular designed lockcase with our confirmed marine grade keypads supplying the perfect answer for metallic field area gates.For extra security, we offer back and front locking gates. A push pad is available on some variants (BL3080). The range comes in three different variations; a ‘mini’ gate lock range with either back to back options or push/pull pads (BL3000 series), a larger thumb turn variant (BL3100 series) and a lever turn model (BL3400 series). The Borglocks feature large clear wheels for easy tracking in addition to their compact size and overall design. These are ideal for use with anywhere, with anyone and for any reason. The 3000 Series from Borg Locks is equipped with a range of locks that will help you keep your valuables safe and secure. Whether your metal gate is during a domestic or business setting, the 3000 Series of digital locks from Borg Locks offers a large vary of digital locks to decide on from, which is able to match the design of your metal gate moreover as providing you with peace of mind once it involves keeping your valuables safe. Easy to use, the 3000 Series from Borg Locks will make sure that nobody will get into your precious metal gate without the correct authorization. Borg locks is searching for the simplest digital lock to minimize your own home-based doors. Borg Locks are made by specialists, who select only the simplest digital locks for their clients. Customers who should invest in one of those this kind of things will be pleased that it’s a fairly inexpensive choice and does not ruin too much of the surrounding environment. 

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