Popular Web Apps Built in ReactJS

Several leading tech companies use ReactJS to develop their applications. When will you? Reasons your business need Reactjs development services.

The world of the internet is changing at the moment. It's not easy to keep up with the latest trends in such a dynamic world. However, the biggest brands in the industry are making it happen.

Developers have also shown an interest in ReactJS as well as numerous sources that showcase its strengths in technology. Let's take a look at the top web-based apps that were developed using React web development.


What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed as well as maintained by Facebook. It's a fast and adaptable open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to create simple, swift, and scalable frontends for web-based applications.

What are the Top Features that Make ReactJS Captivating?

What is ReactJS Development Tool?

The library could also be used to help developers build user interfaces as well as single-page apps to name only a few of the things. Developers can find a wide range of functions within React such as the virtual DOM JSX as well as many other functions, that are extremely useful. The popularity of React is certainly driven by the variety of fantastic features and benefits of using it.


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Top apps that use ReactJS

If a business wants to succeed having a well-presented and functional website is vital. Your website will be seen by the world and will serve as your brand's face to the world. For these nine companies, React was the most appropriate option. This is likely to be true for you, too.


1. Netflix

Netflix, the undisputed streaming giant, is very fond of React. Netflix uses React, a JavaScript library to do a variety of purposes. It is important to know that Netflix makes use of both ReactJS as well as React Native. Netflix even provided research about how and why they use React Native.

The UI experts at Netflix write in their blog entry:

The choice to adopt React was determined by a variety of factors, including 

1) the speed of startup
2) runtime performance
3) modularity


2. Instagram

Instagram has allowed users to fully adapt to its amazing features and is built entirely upon its ReactJS Framework.


3. Facebook

Facebook does not require any introduction to its huge popularity. The user base of more than 2.96 billion! Who doesn't use Facebook?


4. WhatsApp

Who isn't familiar with or uses WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp Web version is based on React for a more streamlined web experience.


5. Airbnb

They reuse React code and then restructure it according to the requirements using ReactJS development services. This feature makes it easier to develop while allowing developers to use less effort.


6. Codecademy

According to the developers at Codecademy among the things they love most about React include that it helps to make SEO easy, works with old code, can be adapted to changes in the future as well as being easy to imagine, and is robust. So, if you also want to build a similar app like Codeacademy, hire an experienced ReactJS web development company today and let them know the requirements you have.


7. Yahoo!

The popular Yahoo! email system is based on React. Because Facebook has now acquired Yahoo!, they incorporated React to create an unreliable and integrated infrastructure. The programmers who work on Yahoo Mail's platform explained their decision to use ReactJS. Yahoo Mail platform explained their decision to utilize ReactJS in a Tumblr blog article.


8. Myntra

It is among the top Indian fashion websites that allow you to purchase clothing as well as footwear and other accessories for both women, and kids. The Myntra app offers customers excellent user experiences according to reviews from customers.

Their profiles, catalogs, and more are presented in a friendly and attractive manner, because of ReactJS. Both Android, as well as iOS users, have benefitted from the attractive UI along with the appealing UX.


9. Uber

The majority of the libraries that they created open-source were specifically designed to display maps. They also created Base Web, a framework that provides reusable UI components for development. They also chose to hire a ReactJS development company to construct the Uber app for three main reasons: dependability, accessibility, and customization.

Why Choose ReactJS Development For Your Web App?

Bottom Line

If you're considering using ReactJS as part of your technology stack for development, this is a move that will surely bring you to the road to success.


The developers of the ReactJS website development business The developers in our ReactJS web development company can build a top-quality application with features that are customized for you. Contact us to hire ReactJS developers who will meet your needs for the development of engaging as well as user-friendly applications.


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