RuneScape Yakamaru Boss

If you're planning to get into this RuneScape Yakamaru boss fight then this guide will be able to help you catch in everything that you must know. This guide will cover the actual fight and what happens when you attempt to tackle the ultimate boss battle. If you are a beginner in Run

RuneScape Yakamaru : Tips and Roles for Team Members


In the beginning, it's worth pointing out that during the fight, you will not notice Yakamaru walking for the most part. Yakamaru will move between pools when it's energy is depleting. The pools surrounding the room will show a phase where Yakamaru showcases different styles and capabilities. You'll be faced with a total of five phases, causing 5,600,000 damage altogether.


During the battle, Yakamuru will attack that hits everyone within a 20x20 area. There will not be melee attacks in your direction and instead, you will encounter magic attacks at melee distance. If you're 3 or more spaces away from the boss, you will then be attacked with the ranged attack instead. These will include tentacles emerging out of the ground and striking the opponent. In this regard, players who engage in Yakamaru are eligible to take the damage. To combat this it is recommended to use Devotion or Debilitate all through. This can help reduce the damage you cause.


If you are DPS players, ensure that you are in prayer distance from the boss. The accuracy Yakamaru has is very high, however, you can prepare yourself for this by having a solid defense and armor. In turn, you can expect some boss attacks to fail however it will be followed up by attack that isn't going to miss. The force of this attack is only half the damage that could be done if the initial attack had landed. If you happen to be an armored character at this point, make sure you're wearing the highest quality of armor possible on. Simply adopt the method of tanking Yakamaru from a distance of melee and you'll be fine.


Leaving the Fight

If at any point you are attempting to leave the fight, you'll be greeted with a message that Yakamaru hasn't taken to your cowardice lightly. The messages are different based on the situation. If you're in combat with the boss, then you'll receive the message, "Yakamaru is displeased with your cowardice, and throws deadly projectiles towards you!" which will lead to 2,000 damages being done to the players who have been eliminated from combat. The only way you can get rid of a failed kill is to ask the group leader to expel you or exile from the group.


RuneScape Yakamaru Boss Teams Roles

There are many roles you must adapt to when you are fighting Yakamaru. As an example, we'll have the Base Tank, which will be the primary focus of Yakamaru. This tank can take the greatest amount of damage suffered in the fight. Additionally, there is the Poison Tank and it will be the role of taking Yakamaru's poison at the close every pool. The poison is then delivered to him for killing.


The CPR duty is aid those who are in the Poison Tank in the event that Yakamaru has been poisoned and you also have three North Tanks to do damage to the boss. These three tanks are based on stun DPS and Sand Tank distractions as well as to take out mirages in the north. This can help prevent them from killing team members. There is the Shark Tag too which will take effect during the mirage phase. This will prevent the death of DPS characters during this last phase of the battle.


The Role of Application

If you're a DPS, then simply attack using everything you have. You don't have to think over the boss's damage you do It's just a matter of make sure that you are doing a good job with your rotations.


When you arrive at the section with the sharks and you are on the north side of the tendril pool to avoid the majority of the damage from sharks. On sand pool, you will need to focus on getting them out of the sand before distributing more damage out to avoid injury. Avoid using stun abilities on the stun pools too to ensure that it doesn't impact melee and magic.



By forcing Yakamaru into the next phase it is causing more damage, whilst having less jellies sprouting. This could not be the case during sand or mirage phases since you're killing them as quickly as possible anyway.


In the role of Poison Tank as the Poison Tank, you are in the role that simply grabs the poison and apply it to Yakamaru whenever it is possible to kill the boss. The CPR is a different DPS that assists in the fight against Poison Tank once it has completed its task. Both are very simple yet effective roles to play in the fight.


There is also the sand tank, which will serve in the same way as an Base Tank during the mirage phase. If you didn't want to tank during this scenario, you could be able to go full DPS over by the pool, using your final on the pool. This can help DPS players once then are finished with the tendrils and sharks.


In the spirit of sharks, the Shark Tag will be luring away the focus from DPS in the course of mirage. You don't have to be worried about tanking because we'll be able to deal out the most damage we can. The Stun DPS meanwhile is going be focusing on the stun pool and taking it out the moment it shows up. We talked about the Base Tank earlier too, who must ensure that they are wearing the best protection and armor available. Because the boss is likely often and hard when he is in a position hoping to succeed in beating him, you will have to be on alert.



With this knowledge, can hopefully strategize how to defeat Yakamaru by yourself. The most important thing is to know the best way to tackle each phase and what roles there are for each of these phases. You'll soon be able to cut down the RuneScape Yakamaru boss' overall health by using the correct roles in the right places.

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