Sweet Besan Ladoo recipe | How to make Besan Ke Ladu at home

There are many varieties of ladoo in India, but Besan ke Ladoo are the most common and widely used, especially during festivals like Diwali.


Besan Ladoo or Besan ke Ladoo is a popular and very common Indian sweet made with besan (gram flour from spilt black chickpeas), powdered sugar, and ghee which ooze out the exotic and umami taste, a delight to the palate. Besan Ladoo can be easily found in any sweet shop in India throughout the year and usually make their presence during festivals, celebrations, or weddings. These sweet round balls of happiness formed by roasting gram flour and ghee together with an addition of sugar to make mouth-melting delicious decadency, are loved by people of all walks of life and are especially popular in North India.


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