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We are the Best International School in Bangalore with quality CBSE Education as we believe in education beyond classrooms. Admissions open now - 2022-23.

The best education for preparing pupils to become independent professionals is offered by Bangalore's international schools. You must pick the ideal school for your child based on these promises made by the schools and your own expectations. Global perspectives are emphasized in the curriculum of the international school in Bangalore, which provides a diversified and inclusive educational system that equips pupils for a world that is changing quickly. By remembering that there is no age at which we stop learning, we continue to do so throughout our lives. Learning should be ongoing, spontaneous, and meaningful. We work to establish in each pupil this kind of attitude and behavior. According to a proverb, learning never stops in a person's life until they stop trying new things. The best teacher is life itself, and with the institute's knowledgeable and experienced faculty, we help students transition smoothly from fundamental to advanced knowledge.


Curriculum offered: International schools typically offer a curriculum that is based on one of the following:

  •         International Baccalaureate (IB) program
  •         British/English National Curriculum
  •         American Curriculum
  •         International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
  •         International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)
  •         International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)


Infrastructure and facilities: The international school in Bangalore offers world-class infrastructure and facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, science labs, computer labs, sports fields, and auditoriums. International schools typically have state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, including Libraries and media centres, Cafeterias and dining areas, medical clinics, Transportation services, Playgrounds and outdoor recreational areas, art and music rooms, etc.


These facilities are designed to provide students with a comfortable, safe, and engaging learning environment.


Fees: International School in Bangalore charges more than a lakh in tuition annually, and tuition for overseas schools can be expensive. However, qualified students can also apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aid. The fees collected from the students are used to improve the facilities overall, add more practical knowledge, engage highly qualified teachers, and attract renowned specialists from every discipline.


Admission Schools have a mechanism in place for admissions interviews in order to locate the ideal match. Through the interview process, the school may learn more about the student and the parents and determine whether this is the right school for the student. Additionally, the student has the chance to clarify any misconceptions and ask questions in order to learn more about the school.


The goal of the admissions interview is to get to know the applicant personally rather than to frighten them. Understanding the students' expectations and objectives enables the school to plan better facilities and consider the always-changing demands of the pupils.



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