Fans of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Vn88 Rezence

If Mauricio Pochettino were to return to Tottenham, would this be a step in the wrong direction or a step in the right direction again? Tottenham has been disoriented and has to make a coarse adjustment.

Vn88 Rezence thinks that the only reason Spurs fans should care that Nuno Espirito Santo lasted only 17 games is because he is the third coach in a row to emphasize a reactive style of play. Football played with fewer tackles and fewer risks. Intensity, no more. The future has already transpired into the past.


The baby bath is empty. It took the baby with it when it left.


From Mourinho to Conte, there was a consensus that the club's roster should be constructed to win the majority of games it is expected to play in but also be able to handle the small number of contests in which it is likely to be outmatched.


Instead of being something to look forward to, playing games became a chore.


W88 Rezence comments that this dichotomy has never been accurate in any manner. Spurs fans have been led to believe that they had to make a choice between being entertained and contributing to the team's success. Pochettino has been victorious in fewer competitions than George Graham and Juande Ramos. It does not transform it into a foundation upon which one might build.


That the trip itself can be just as significant as the goal is a statement that is probably best saved for the backpackers' hostel bar at four hours past midnight, but there is some truth to that there wine. In spite of the common belief that one must endure hardship before achieving success, the journey itself ought to be enjoyable.


In its place, W88 said that a lack of ambition has drained both the players and the supporters of the team. A club that boasts a state-of-the-art stadium but is warned against reaching for the stars. A group of trainers decided to create a picture of a club out of ammo, and then they went on to blame the soldiers for their actions.


Conte managed to destroy people's faith with his unique brand of "he not we" rhetoric. Over the entirety of his time at Tottenham, he always carried himself with the air of a man who was out on a date but already had one eye on the door before he was done perusing the dinner options.


In interviews with Rezence, he can mention that he came in fourth his rookie year and left the team in that spot his sophomore year. But, the table was not the source of the frustration for Tottenham supporters. That was how they felt whenever they saw their own squad play.


They were able to see that this would lead to nowhere.


At this point, they require a fresh perspective. A process needs to begin under a coach who is committed to implementing a more expansive style of football and staying in his position to see it through. It might take some time. Nevertheless, the fast remedies have simply served to further damage Tottenham.


Jamie Carragher said on Rezence Vn88, "I don't understand why Antonio Conte ever went there. Conte is a manager who only wants to win in the first year or two, and that's it. That's why he's gone right now."


If you are one of the top six teams, such as Chelsea, Manchester City, or Manchester United, you can have a poor season and make up for it in the summer. Tottenham are not.


"Tottenham are similar to Liverpool and Arsenal in the sense that you need to build. Thus, Arteta has continued to build, and at this point, they are where they are. In Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp accomplished the same thing. Pochettino accomplished the same thing while at Spurs. That was not something that Conte was going to undertake.


There is an opportunity right now to put an end to the cycle of polarizing and pessimistic predictions and to work toward achieving something higher. Will you be taking over for Pochettino? W88 thinks that possibly not. Bringing back memories of that sensation? The supporters have every reason to aspire toward that goal. This is a course correction that has been way overdue for a very long time.

Dilshan Raza

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