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Pôle Prépa English offers you CPF English training to learn English for several school objectives or professional projects. Pôle Prépa English offers training and English courses for all levels on site or remotely. Our English courses consist of a variety of courses that meet your specific needs. Our courses are fully adapted to your request, level and your needs. We offer intensive courses to prepare for Certifications: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Linguaskill, GMAT, SAT, Cambridge, etc. All our courses are eligible for the CPF. We also offer English lessons at home as part of personal services (eligible for the 50% tax credit). All our English courses are focused on professional and academic objectives. Being an English examination center, Pôle Prépa English offers you to obtain a certificate of your level by taking a test at the end of your CPF English training.

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