Cricut Shirt Maker for 2023 [5 Best Machines]

Go through this helpful post to select the best Cricut shirt maker in 2023. It includes the 5 best machines that can help you create awesome designs.

Cricut machines can help DIYers do several things. They can create stickers, celebration cards, Christmas lights, etc., with this powerful machine's help. If you are a DIY hobbyist interested in doing projects now and then, you can design customized t-shirts while taking your creativity to a new level. Those fans of customized t-shirts or shirts can utilize a Cricut shirt maker to create designs on a plain white or black t-shirt. 


The only thing they need to take into account is an appropriate machine. In this post, we have summed up the top 5 machines to help you create the best design. You just need to select one, employ your basic crafting skills, and you're all done. 


Cricut Explore Air 2 - Consumer-Grade Cutting Machine 

This machine is excellent for crafters planning to do home crafting. It has a computer-controlled cutting feature, making this machine a favorite choice of DIYers. For making t-shirts or shirts projects, it can be the best choice. Creating sews-on patterns and embroideries becomes effortless with this model by Cricut. Moreover, you can use it to create vinyl pieces and thus become able to design customized t-shirts while using it together with EasyPress2.   

Cricut Explore Air 2 Features 

  • It features a Fast Mode option to cut materials with 2 times faster cutting speed.
  • Easy to use and includes a free design app feature (Design Space). 
  • This Cricut family is compatible with more than 100 materials. 


Cricut Explore 3 - Intermediary Between Explore Air 2 Maker 3


Explore 3 from Cricut has come into the market, keeping the average user's needs in mind. It is capable of handling smart materials and can cut them even in the absence of a cutting mat. In addition, it delivers 2 times faster speeds than the Explore Air 2. When it comes to commercial purposes, Explore can be considered an ideal option. 


Cricut Explore 3 Features 


  • It encompasses enough cutting sizes for all sizes of T-shirts.
  • Includes 6 cutting tools and some new features.
  • Supports smart materials and holds compatibility with more than 100 materials. 


Cricut EasyPress Mini: Best Pocket-Sized Machine 


It has been manufactured, keeping compatibility on the top. Cricut EasyPress Mini is suitable for creating T-shirts; babies wear shirts and T-shirts too. Its sheer size, weight, and ability to transfer HTVs to tiny pieces of fabric make it a preferred option among crafters. Since it is small, you can utilize it to do small challenging projects that include hats, shoes, and other related DIYs. Three heat settings included in this machine are compatible with almost every project related to iron-on and infusible ink. 


Cricut EasyPress Mini Features


  • It has an Auto-shutoff feature and an insulated safety base for utmost safety.
  • This Cricut shirt maker is affordable, portable, and compatible with iron-on materials. 
  • Apt for use on small and non-flat surfaces.


Cricut Maker: Best for Cross-Compatibility

The Maker family of Cricut can be used to make T-shirts for yourself and your friend and family. It is an old version of Cricut Maker 3 that you can choose if you don't want to invest much in your projects. You can use its feature- cross-compatible cutting and tools such as folding or embossing. Please note it doesn't use Smart Materials, and a cutting mat is mandatory. 


Cricut Maker Features 


  • The space design app in it enables crafters to create any design.
  • It consists of 13 cutting tools to cater to the different project's needs.
  • Ideal for commercial use and holds compatibility with more than 300 materials. 


Cricut Maker 3: Best for Large Projects

When it comes to Cricut machines, Cricut Maker 3 is the most powerful cutting machine. Specifically, this machine is made for large projects (creating 100+ designs and several T-shirts). Since it goes to cut a length of 12 feet and a width of 13 inches, a single session with it is enough to create several cutouts and multiple T-shirt projects. One of the main features of this device is the capability to cut more than 300 materials. These can range from cutting delicate fabrics to tough materials like cardboard and leather. 


Cricut Maker 3 Features


  • It has tools for different purposes, such as making cuts, writing and editing texts, scoring and foiling cutouts, etc.  
  • Two times faster speed, including cutting force of 10 times 
  • Its consumable materials are low-cost compared to the competitors. 




The list of Cricut shirt maker machines is long. Deciding which is the best depends on the type of designs and fabrics you will work on. Some are suitable for intricate designs and personal purposes, while others work well for large commercial projects. You can review the above post to know what machines suit the purpose. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What Cricut Machine is Perfect for Making T-shirts? 

To create shirts or t-shirts in bulk, i.e., for commercial purposes, the best option you can go for is the Cricut Maker 3 machine. It has compatibility with several types of materials. It can bring out awesome creative pieces when used with EasyPress (for heat transfer designs). 

Is making shirts with Cricut machines Expensive? 

When you own a Cricut, the price included for making shirts is only the cost of your shirt and iron-on material. Mostly, the rolls of iron-on material come at less than $10, and you can use this single roll to make two or more shirts. 

Where to Sell Cricut Shirts/T-shirts I Make? 

As of now, there is no restriction toward selling finished projects. Once you finish your Cricut projects, you can sell them on a third-party site or social media channels.


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