Best Diablo 4 Barbarian build: Rend enemies and bleed bosses

Since the upcoming Diablo 4 beta includes a level cap of 20, I haven't addressed ultimates, but have instead centered on skills you can access

incredible bleed abilities. Attacks like Rend could be absurdly strong, stacking damage on bosses and enemies that'll keep ticking down even if you're attempting to evade or have space. There is also a tonne of great aspects that synergize with bleed, providing you with stuns, extra damage, as well as added survivability when nearby enemies are bleeding.

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Since the upcoming Diablo 4 beta includes a level cap of 20, I haven't addressed ultimates, but have instead centered on skills you can access. So, if you're considering checking Barbarian out or did not have a chance throughout the previous betas since you were distracted by shiny Necromancers and Druids, here is a strong diablo 4 gold for sale Barbarian build that'll enable you to get far.

Bleed is among the best abilities the Barbarian possesses, allowing them to stack damage on bosses and hard enemies to consume away their own health. Rend, particularly, is extremely strong, cleaving a large arc before your character that applies a big bleed to everything it touches. To generate Fury for the Rends, you will want to use either Fighter's Death Blow or Combat Frenzy. The former is really a powerful single strike that resets immediately on kill, and grants 20 Fury provided you damage an enemy.

Of course, you will not have this unlocked in the beginning since it's a Weapon Mastery skill, but Combat Frenzy is going to do a good job generating Fury for you personally while also lowering the damage you are taking. Once you can unlock the Hamstring passive that slows bleeding enemies and obtain the Arsenal upgrade at rank ten for One-Handed Swords, you will have a 20% opportunity to generate extra Fury through Frenzy, too, provided the opponent you're hitting continues to be slowed because of your bleeds, and for that reason crowd controlled. Using a Two-Handed Sword for the Rends can also be best because it boosts bleed damage within the Arsenal upgrades.

Both Challenging Shout and Leap give a little survivability towards the build, because the former grants damage reduction, and also the latter helps overcome the Barbarian's insufficient maneuverability, providing you with a way to escape enemies bleeding out whilst generating Fury or slowing them. If you're not particularly enjoying Death Blow and therefore are finding it tough to chain those kills, Rupture is definitely an alternative skill in the same cluster that'll help expedite enemies dying of bleed, dealing 100% of bleed damage immediately. If you upgrade it on the Fighter's Path, it'll also heal you by 15% provided you damage an enemy.

For Legendary Aspects, you will want Aspect of Anaemia and Skullbreaker's Aspect, which play very nicely together. The first adds a lucky hit opportunity to stun enemies with bleed whenever you damage them, as the second damages enemies with bleed who get stunned for any portion of their remaining bleed damage. Iron Blood Aspect is yet another great option if you would like extra survivability, while you gain damage reduction for every bleeding enemy nearby. Finally, Aspect of Prickling includes a chance to grant you Thorns that damage attacking enemies for any short duration whenever you use Rend.

It's quite a simple development on the whole: generate Fury with successive Death Blows on weaker enemies, before getting into Rend. If that cycle is ever broken, use Frenzy and it is damage reduction to farm up Fury instead, while periodically using Challenging Shout to remain alive, and Leap to maneuver or escape as the bleed does its job—especially if you are facing a quick boss. You've also got a bit of wiggle room when it comes to swapping Death Blow for Rupture, but that will make your Fury farming entirely just a few Frenzy, which might slow down how quickly you can get Rends out.

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