Glyoxylic Acid Market 2023 by Companies, Key Applications, New Advancements, Trends and Forecast 2030

Glyoxylic Acid Market in North American and European are substantial markets for glyoxylic acid and is anticipated to increase at CAGRs of 5.27% correspondingly through the forecast period in terms of consumption.

The Glyoxylic Acid Market refers to the global trade and demand for glyoxylic acid, which is an organic compound with the chemical formula C₂H₂O₃. It is a colorless liquid with a sour odor and is primarily used in various industries for its versatile properties.

The Glyoxylic Acid Market is expected to have a CAGR of 5.27% until the end of 2030. It’s expected to be worth the US $849.1 million by then. The glyoxylic acid market is anticipated to reach USD 849.1 Mn in 2023 end from USD 76.7 Mn in 2016.

Glyoxylic acid is widely utilized as a chemical intermediate in the production of numerous products, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, and dyes. It serves as a vital building block for the synthesis of various compounds, such as amino acids, pharmaceuticals (like vanillin and glycolic acid), and herbicides (such as glyphosate). Due to its diverse applications, the glyoxylic acid market has witnessed substantial growth in recent years.

The demand for glyoxylic acid is primarily driven by the pharmaceutical industry, where it finds applications in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. It is used in the production of drugs for conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, the agrochemical industry is another significant consumer of glyoxylic acid. It is employed in the manufacturing of herbicides and plant growth regulators. Glyoxylic acid's ability to control weed growth and promote plant growth has made it an essential ingredient in the agriculture sector.

The cosmetics industry also utilizes glyoxylic acid for its various functions. It is employed in the production of hair straightening and smoothing products, as it helps in reducing frizz and curliness. Glyoxylic acid-based formulations are used as alternatives to traditional hair straightening treatments that contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde.

The glyoxylic acid market is influenced by several factors, including technological advancements, research and development activities, environmental regulations, and the overall growth of end-user industries. As industries continue to innovate and develop new applications for glyoxylic acid, the market is expected to expand further.

Key players in the glyoxylic acid market include manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors involved in its production and supply chain. The market is characterized by intense competition, and companies often focus on research and development to enhance their product offerings and stay ahead in the market.

In conclusion, the glyoxylic acid market plays a crucial role in various industries, including pharmaceuticals,agrochemicals, and cosmetics. Its versatile applications and increasing demand make it a significant chemical compound in global trade.

Regional Analysis:

The region-wise analysis of the market covers regions such as Europe, Latin America, AsiaPacific, North America, Middle East, and Africa. The AsiaPacific region is estimated to be a key region in terms of production and consumption of glyoxylic acid. The Asia Pacific market’s development is credited to the developing consumption of glyoxylic acid in the China market. The global glyoxylic acid production and consumption are clustered in China due to the combination of end-use industries in the region. China is projected to control about 45% of the global production and is projected to hold its dominance over the forecast period. The North American and European regions trail the Asia Pacific region in terms of consumption rates. The North American and European are substantial markets for glyoxylic acid and is anticipated to increase at CAGRs of 4.30% and 4.50% correspondingly through the forecast period in terms of consumption.

Key Players:

  • Akema Fine Chemicals - Italy 
  • Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd - China
  • Stan Chemicals- China
  • WeylChem International Gmbh - China 
  • Zhonglan Industry Co - China
  • Haihang Industry Co. Ltd- China
  • Zhonghua Chemical - China


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